Synonyms for Grace:


dexterity, agility, pliancy, beat, poise, DO, address, symmetry, smoothness, nimbleness, D, suppleness, crotchet, B, bass, balance, form, awkwardness, double flat, C, chord. bless, thanks, absolution, invocation, blasphemous, angelic, archangel, angel, petition, blasphemy, article of faith, blaspheme. err, aesthetic, splendor, sin, glory, melody, pulchritude, misbehave, purity. baptize, amen, celebrate, catechism, beautiful, Elegancy, the Book of Common Prayer, urbanity, polish, call down, anthem, baptism, baptise. get in on, take part (in something), conscience, join in, engage in, involve, join, decency, sit in on, enter into, participate, right. fluent, balletic, gentle, charitableness, fluid, benignancy, kindheartedness, philanthropy, supple, altruism, smooth, lithe, kind, feline, beneficence, attitude, dainty, kindliness, charity, graceful. chivalry, breeding, gallantry, tact, gentility, civility, mercifulness. good turn, liven up, perk up, enliven, bring something to life, service, ignite, help, wake up, spice up, vary, indulgence, sparkle, benefit. reprieve, continue, timing, time limit, respite, sunset provision, the last minute, play date, closing date, sell-by date, deadline, due date, due. fortune smiles on someone/something, religion, lucky (old) you/me etc., grateful, luck is on someone's side, third time's the/a charm, (it's) all right for someone, thank God/goodness/heaven(s). attribute (noun)
benevolence (noun)
charm (noun)
beauty, allure, attractiveness, decorum, comeliness.
charm, loveliness (noun)
decency, cultivation, finesse, dexterity, comeliness, nimbleness, breeding, allure, balance, smoothness, attractiveness, pliancy, suppleness, elegance, tact, adroitness, poise, address, polish, agility, symmetry, form, style, beauty, decorum, refinement.
elegance (noun)
purity, urbanity, Elegancy.
grace (noun)
blessing, state of grace, free grace, saving grace, goodwill, decorate, seemliness, thanksgiving, good will, embellish, adorn, deck, grace of god, beautify, Gracility, ornament.
mercy (noun)
love, charity.
mercy, forgiveness (noun)
charity, beneficence, indulgence, reprieve, kindliness, good will, love.
prayer (noun)
petition, blessing, invocation, thanksgiving, thanks.
state (noun)
state of grace, saving grace.
style (noun)
artfulness, style, craftsmanship, panache, eloquence, capability, skillfulness, talent, deftness, cleverness, adeptness, artistry, expressiveness, adroitness, technique, finesse.
taste (noun)
class, charm, Purism, taste, cultivation, delicacy, elegance, discrimination, refinement.
title (noun)
garland, decoration, seniority, colors, crown, honor, coronet, chevron, place, reverence, position, highness, role, crest, shield, title, rank, bestowal.


beautify (verb)
beautify, adorn, trim, prettify, bedeck, decorate, embellish, dignify, enrich.
beautify, embellish (verb)
bedeck, adorn, ornament, honor, crown, deck, dignify, decorate, enrich.

Other synonyms:

beneficence, purity, pulchritude, charitableness, civility, good turn, chivalry, mercifulness, decorum, altruism, tact, splendor, benignancy, Elegancy, beauty. gentility, gallantry, conscience, melody, indulgence, kindheartedness, reprieve, philanthropy, decency, breeding. respite, thanks, urbanity. glory, benefit. aesthetic, charity, kindliness. service. beautify
dress up
grace of God
grace of god.

Usage examples for grace

  1. O, papa, said Grace I shouldn't want to be a soldier if I couldn't have anything nice to eat. – Captain Horace by Sophie May
  2. To our Lady of Grace – Bartholomew de Las Casas; his life, apostolate, and writings by Francis Augustus MacNutt
  3. " I thank your Grace I answered. – The Betrayal by E. Phillips Oppenheim