Synonyms for Polish:


skill, competence, proficiency, aptitude, prowess, ability, mastery, talent, gift, experience. sleek, cleaner, air freshener, foam, bleach, abrasive, furbish, borax, disinfectant, French Polish, dishwashing liquid, cleanser, buff, light. pick up, better, learn, develop, absorb, train, acquaint yourself with something, keep up, master, retrain, acquire, perfect. retouch, american, australian, anglo-saxon, afghan, canadian, touch up, asian, basque, british, african, belgian. African-Caribbean, asiatic, arab, Arabism. treatment, rinse, detoxification, sweep, brush. rub, scrub, dab, rub out, scour, wipe. cultivated look, performance (noun)
refinement, culture, cultivation.
languages (noun)
American Spanish, Bangla, danish, arabic, catalan, dutch, chinese, afrikaans, bengali.
polish (noun)
shine, glossiness, refine, cultivation, polish up, brush up, culture, gloss, round off, finish, refinement, fine-tune, smoothen, round, smooth, burnish, down.
shine, brightness (noun)
smoothness, glaze, finish, gloss, burnish.
smoothness (noun)
silkiness, smoothness, glossiness, sleekness, slickness, Glassiness.


contact (verb)
smoothen, smooth, shine.
improve performance, look (verb)
brush up, round, better, perfect, refine, touch up.
shine, buff (verb)
slick, scour, rub, smooth, furbish, sleek, scrub.
smooth (verb)
slick, flatten, grind, glaze, burnish, silken, smooth, gloss, level, sand, even, plane.

Other synonyms:

develop. detoxification, rinse, buff, furbish, retouch, scour. rub out, scrub. sleek, wipe. dab, treatment. rub. brush, sweep. perfect. cleansing agent
Other relevant words:
smoothen, canadian, dab, wipe, scour, foam, experience, finish, Bangla, disinfectant, dutch, better, brush, retouch, buff, bengali, british, touch up, competence, arab, african, gift, cultivation, ability, detoxification, cleaner, fine-tune, anglo-saxon, African-Caribbean, sweep, sleek, develop, asiatic, light, round off, skill, acquire, afrikaans, borax, rub out, learn, proficiency, perfect, bleach, round, refinement, aptitude, catalan, scrub, down, treatment, talent, furbish, mastery, afghan, shine, rub, belgian, danish, train, rinse, Arabism, refine, cleanser, australian, master, absorb, basque, chinese, american, prowess, asian, polish up, abrasive, retrain, brush up, arabic, culture.

Usage examples for polish

  1. A Polish artist, with Mr. Sambourne's initials, L. Strasynski by name, also began in 1867, and during that and the following year contributed nine cuts, very foreign in feeling and firm in touch. – The History of "Punch" by M. H. Spielmann
  2. Yet he was honest and was marked by some polish – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss
  3. It leaves on the silver a deep, dark polish and at the same time does less injury than anything else. – The Book of Household Management by Mrs. Isabella Beeton