Synonyms for Bluff:


abrupt (adjective)
direct, crusty, honest, hearty.
all (adjective)
sheer, bold.
friendly (adjective)
friendly, nice, spontaneous, genuine, good-natured, warm, Warm-hearted, welcoming, pleasant, amiable.


cape, mt, M, atoll, PK, mount, pt, olde, ft. double cross, mislead, untruth, have, falsehood, disinformation, bamboozle, white lie, play false, trick, humbug, misinformation, honest, fabrication, invention, lead astray, delude, betray, half-truth, put something over on, beguile, hoodwink, fool, cozen, take for a ride, a tissue of lies, dupe, take in. invent, lie, bend the truth, manufacture, concoct, Misspeak, make up, fabricate. bluff (noun)
bluff out, sheer, bold, direct, steep, four flush.
boast; deceit (noun)
facade, front, lie, fake, fraud, pretense, trick, show, humbug, bluster.
cliff (noun)
cliff, palisade, reef, crag, escarpment, rock, wall, stone, precipice, boulder.
fool (noun)
mislead, feign.
fortification (noun)
outspoken (noun)
crusty, hearty, study at blunt.
precipice (noun)
crag, cliff, rock, escarpment.
pretension (noun)
deceit, air, front, affectation, fraud, fakery, imitation, facade, mannerism, artificiality, imposture, guise, pretense, charade, gimmick, device, ostentation, falseness, impersonation, pretension, forgery.


boast (verb)
brag, preen, saunter, peacock, swagger, gloat, pontificate, boast, crow, prance, cock-a-doodle-doo, parade, strut, vaunt, bluster, aggrandize, lord, flaunt, blow.
competition (verb)
bluff out.
deceive (verb)
betray, pretend, mislead, fool, counterfeit, feign, delude, affect, take in, beguile, defraud.
pretend (verb)
cover, disguise, claim, masquerade, deceive, stage, show, fake, imitate, defraud, forge, pretend, impersonate, affect, pose, falsify, counterfeit.

Other synonyms:

atoll, trick, cozen, ft, olde, pt. delude, hoodwink, PK. bamboozle, beguile, mt. dupe. M, betray. mount. have. deceive
fool, beguile.
Other relevant words:
crusty, falsehood, bold, atoll, fabricate, amiable, honest, dupe, steep, humbug, untruth, nice, invention, Misspeak, have, invent, genuine, pleasant, cozen, delude, bluff out, feign, olde, fabrication, four flush, manufacture, hoodwink, play false, direct, lie, misinformation, spontaneous, lead astray, double cross, hearty, betray, good-natured, mount, put something over on, disinformation, beguile, half-truth, mislead, Warm-hearted, trick, friendly, sheer, fool, bamboozle, take for a ride, cape, warm, concoct, welcoming.

Usage examples for bluff

  1. Say, then was no time for wastin' fleetin' moments on any bluff – On With Torchy by Sewell Ford
  2. He'll bluff if he can, but he won't get himself into trouble for his partner. – Prescott of Saskatchewan by Harold Bindloss
  3. There's nothing to bluff about. – The Spinners by Eden Phillpotts