Synonyms for Bob:


braid, bun, afro, Bobbed, chignon, close, beehive, buzz cut, bangs. bounce, wave, shake, flutter. wiggle, roll, oscillation, toing and froing, vibration. air kiss, salaam, air kissing, glad hand, namaste, handshake. genuflect, salute, obeisance, kiss. bending (noun)
bob (noun)
curtsy, bobtail, British Shilling, bobsled, shilling, cork, bobsleigh, dock, tail, bobber, bobfloat.
duck (noun)
motion, quaver, genuflection, gesture, fall, jerk, bow, twist, weave, quiver, falter, inclination.
quantity (noun)
shilling, British Shilling.


bounce up and down (verb)
quiver, weave, quaver, bow, seesaw, nod, jerk, genuflect, oscillate, wobble.
diminish (verb)
curtail, compact, shorten, truncate, crop, condense, lighten, trim, decrease, shave, clip, downgrade, contract, taper, erode, concentrate, diminish, minimize, shear, compress, prune, deflate, reduce, dwindle, deplete, shrink, decrement, abbreviate, pare, abridge, weed, lessen, drain, nip, cull.
hang (verb)
sag, trail, nod, dangle, swing, hang, droop, drape, loll, Draggle.
oscillate (verb)
tick, alternate, fluctuate, stagger, pulsate, teeter-totter, sway, tremble, totter, pulse, rock, vacillate, wag, undulate, oscillate, throb, radiate, vibrate, wobble, beat, librate, seesaw.
subtract (verb)
delete, depreciate, cut, elide, discount, dock, deduct, subtract, lower.

Other synonyms:

British shilling
British Shilling.
salaam, genuflect, obeisance, braid, bounce, chignon, afro, kiss, glad hand, bangs, bun, beehive, Bobbed, buzz cut, handshake, air kiss, air kissing. bow. salute. wave. close. cut short
Other relevant words:
genuflect, roll, quiver, quaver, salute, bobtail, bangs, twist, Bobbed, bounce, bun, braid, fall, bobsled, weave, afro, flutter, beehive, gesture, shilling, oscillation, handshake, shake, bobber, cork, inclination, genuflection, salaam, kiss, bobsleigh, vibration, glad hand, namaste, wiggle, curtsy, motion, wave, obeisance, chignon, falter, bobfloat, bow, close, British Shilling, tail, jerk.

Usage examples for bob

  1. Just then Bob came out in front of the children. – Five Little Friends by Sherred Willcox Adams Maud and Miska Petersham
  2. Bob read the letter through once more. – A Tar-Heel Baron by Mabell Shippie Clarke Pelton
  3. If he could prove that he got it from Bob Bob must lose it; and so on; but either Dick or Bob or the tea- man must lose it. – Political Pamphlets by George Saintsbury