Synonyms for Graceful:


airy (adjective)
artistic (adjective)
expert, sublime, proficient, poetic, gifted, beautiful, elegant, stylish, cultured, aesthetic, skillful, picturesque, accomplished, cultivated, creative, masterful, fine, talented, artistic, tasteful, ornamental.
attractive (adjective)
pretty, handsome.
beautiful (adjective)
glamorous, picturesque, bonny, superb, lovely, pretty, attractive, sublime, exquisite, finished, refined, beautiful, ornamental, splendid, pleasing, radiant, eye-filling, good-looking, shapely, stunning, sightly, fair, dazzling, elegant, comely, flowerlike, quaint, polished, handsome, charming, becoming, enchanting, resplendent, gorgeous, belle.
becoming (adjective)
attractive, agreeable.
bendable (adjective)
charming (adjective)
glamorous, choice.
courteous (adjective)
diplomatic, well-mannered, well-bred, agreeable, gracious, thoughtful, respectful, suave, chivalrous, deferential, courteous, ladylike, gallant, considerate, obliging, dignified, decorous, polite, civil, gentlemanly, noble, mannerly, hospitable.
dainty (adjective)
delicate (adjective)
elegant (adjective)
charming, tasteful, tactful, cultivated, classical, refined, suave, cultured, neat, well-bred, elegant, exquisite, sophisticated, decorous, stylish, civil, fine, dignified.
flattering (adjective)
good-humored (adjective)
graceful (adjective)
balletic, willowy, seemly, elegant, springy, beautiful, pleasing, nimble, smooth, harmonious, easy, exquisite, artistic, trim, lissome, pretty, decorative, comely, controlled, lithe, pliant, neat, shapely, becoming, handsome, practiced, flowing, slender, aesthetic, skilled, fair, supple, delicate, refined, dainty, dexterous, elastic, symmetrical, adroit, tasteful, rhythmic, fine, limber.
light (adjective)
lithe, sylphlike, light-footed.
stylish (adjective)
clever, deft, skillful, talented, eloquent, expressive, capable, adept, adroit, artful, artistic, stylish.
tasteful (adjective)
delicate, refined, cultivated, choice, artistic, discriminating, tasteful, aesthetic, classic, charming, elegant.


style. effortless. graceful (noun)
gracious, flowing, lithe, gracile, lithesome, lissome, deft, elegant, gainly, supple, fluid, lissom, smooth, sylphlike, slender, fluent, svelte, refined, liquid, willowy.
polite (noun)
civilized, proper, correct.

Other synonyms:

balletic, rhythmic, dainty. gentle, effortless. easy. agile
nimble, limber.
trim, clean.

Usage examples for graceful

  1. She brushed the hair from her eyes in a graceful motion, as though she were in a drawing room, while her voice retreated again into formality. – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover
  2. Mose asked no questions, but it gave a new and powerful interest to the graceful figure of the girl. – The Eagle's Heart by Hamlin Garland