Synonyms for Accident:


broadside, breakdown, blindside, aquaplane, collision, mischance, bang up, car crash, setback, blowout, break down. occurrence, catastrophe, whoops, own goal, circumstance, OOPS, occasion, turn. coincidentally, unlucky, accidentally, help, serendipity, surprise, stochastic, time, incidental, contretemps. happenchance, certain. accident (noun)
fortuity, chance event.
chance (noun)
fortuity, chance, coincidence, coin toss, happenstance, purposelessness, fluke, aimlessness, haphazardness, opportunity, luck, fate, randomness, fortune, adventure.

Other synonyms:

collision, blowout, broadside, car crash, accidentally, aquaplane, whoops, OOPS, unlucky, own goal, coincidentally, happenchance, stochastic, blindside. time, contretemps. casualty
Other relevant words:
collision, mischance, turn, occasion, blowout, chance event, whoops, certain, coincidentally, contretemps, accidentally, help, adventure, occurrence, catastrophe, surprise, unlucky, aquaplane, broadside, setback, happenchance, circumstance, blindside, OOPS, time, incidental, breakdown, stochastic, serendipity.

Usage examples for accident

  1. I fancy he'd got to tell her where it was, pretty quick; but I only found out for myself by accident – The Thousandth Woman by Ernest W. Hornung
  2. But I didn't know; my coming here was just an accident – Love Eternal by H. Rider Haggard