Synonyms for Character:


complexion, badge, style, sense, complex, mood, grain, attribute, singularity, factor, frame, turn, trait, mystique, facet, humor, specialty, atmosphere, aspect, attitude, aura, streak, climate, characteristic, vein, ambience, air. estimation, lure, habit, appeal, magnetism, glitz, allure, appearance, shape, charm, makeup, good looks, charisma, glamor. dot, hashtag, hash, carriage return, emblem, forward slash, mark, emoticon, angle bracket, backslash, egg timer. ingenue, eponymous, original, oddity, personage, heroine, crank, nut, weirdo, crackpot, kook, narrator, baddy, hero, bad guy, antihero, dramatis personae. determination, integrity, human, backbone, humanity, people, your fellow man/men, society, the many, honor, folk, probity, honesty. daring, gallantry, heroism, bravado, courage, nobility, actor, cast, heroics, bravery, pluck, nerve. mixture, species, variety, Jekyll And Hyde, product, be, dog. strong, principle. savor, property. support, testimonial, recommendation. rep, report, respect, name. leader, eminence, somebody, notable, someone, important, bigwig, notability, vip, big-timer, lion, nabob, muckamuck, heavyweight, big wheel, big shot, dignitary. usual, card. real. marks. air (noun)
appearance (noun)
attribute (noun)
fibre, fiber.
character (noun)
individuality, quality, kind, fiber, grapheme, fictional character, class, case, description, part, lineament, fibre, graphic symbol, persona, character reference, personality, disposition, reference, role, stature, type, fictitious character, peculiarity, repute, nature, reputation, eccentric, standing, theatrical role, temperament.
consistent (noun)
predictable, usual, expected.
individuality (noun)
makeup, cast, estimation, disposition, repute, grain, specialty, attribute, reputation, singularity, complexion, mystique, frame, appearance, complex, style, mood, aspect, turn, vein, kind, trait, streak, standing, personality, type, quality, shape, temperament, sense, badge, humor, habit, nature.
integrity (noun)
name, rep, honor, status, report, courage.
letter (noun)
alphabet, abc, upper case, literal, monogram, cipher, consonant, vowel, letter.
name (noun)
number (noun)
digit, bit, sign, number, numeral, figure, integer, symbol, notation.
odd person (noun)
eccentric, original, personage, nut, oddity, weirdo, card, case, crank, figure.
person (noun)
fictitious character, fictional character.
portrayal of another (noun)
role, part.
rank (noun)
someone (noun)
state of mind (noun)
theatrical role (noun)
written symbol (noun)
number, monogram, letter, cipher, sign, mark, emblem, numeral.

Other synonyms:

egg timer, glitz, lure, hashtag, muckamuck, big-timer, eponymous, dramatis personae, heroine, angle bracket, actor, carriage return, ingenue, big wheel, bigwig, nobility, charisma, appearance, Jekyll And Hyde, dignitary, antihero, good looks, aspect, rep, species, forward slash, nabob, backslash, allure. charm, recommendation, attribute, atmosphere, integrity, card, oddity, hero, air, narrator, somebody, notable, magnetism, crank, someone, hash, vip, big shot. mixture, notability, heavyweight, testimonial, personage, appeal. original, savor, makeup, principle, lion. product, eminence. property, report, name. dog. leader. mark. atmosphere
kook, eccentric.
honor, honesty.
state of mind
Other relevant words:
oddity, quality, eccentric, species, mark, property, personage, singularity, crank, case, character reference, lineament, name, role, part, type, style, card, characteristic, status, specialty, trait, variety.

Usage examples for character

  1. But Nietzsche's was a different character – Wagner's Tristan und Isolde by George Ainslie Hight
  2. What do we mean by character – Determinism or Free-Will? by Chapman Cohen
  3. Perhaps it was helped by the character of the day. – Masterman and Son by W. J. Dawson