Synonyms for Chop:


hew, trim down, top-slice, reduce, minimize, shrivel, halve, whack, fell, erode, decrease. chip, beat up, dice, cube, bludgeon, batter, mince, stun. chuck, beefsteak, lower, prune, trim, pare, chump, truncate, slash, increase, cut down, chuck steak, corn dog, cut back. bonk, hammer blow, blow, bump, butt. chip away, flail, crimp, chisel, chase, card, drill, file. etch, cut out, finely. chop (noun)
chop shot, hack, chopper.
chop up (noun)
cube, mince, dice.
meat (noun)
lamb, loin chop, roast beef, spareribs, fillet, pork chop, Canadian Bacon, rump roast, ground beef, porterhouse steak, pot roast, hot dog, hamburger, sausage, filet mignon, minute steak, pork, meat, cutlet, sirloin steak, roast, brisket, ribs, beef, turkey, ham, venison, T-bone Steak, sirloin, mutton, ham hock, liver, flesh, smoked sausage, kidney, flank, Meat Loaf, frankfurter, chicken, tenderloin, bacon, tripe, lamb-chop, wiener, poultry, veal, meat pie.


cut up with tool (verb)
whack, hew, fell, slash, mince, shear, lop, cube, truncate, clip, dice, hack.
reject (verb)
discharge, eliminate, drain, blackball, shed, deep-six, seep, disgorge, disallow, curtail, eject, deny, spew, jettison, bar, scrap, disapprove, trash, exhaust, abandon, secrete, disclaim, excrete, lop, vent, crop, junk, cull, shear, emit, jilt, vomit, reject, belch, check, exclude, erupt, discard, snip, exude, cut, evacuate, blacklist, clip, excise, oppugn.

Other synonyms:

beefsteak, hammer blow, corn dog, chuck steak. chump, truncate, chip away, etch, prune. chisel, trim, bonk, finely, flail. pare, slash. butt, crimp, chuck, chase. bump, cut out. file. drill. card. Other relevant words:
chump, reduce, dice, whack, cut down, cut back, blow, butt, pare, trim, batter, crimp, halve, prune, fell, hack, file, hew, slash, chopper, cube, truncate, beefsteak, card, chuck, bonk, chop shot, bump, chip, etch, lower, mince, chase.

Usage examples for chop

  1. When he went to tend his traps or to hunt, to chop wood or to watch the trail, Allie always accompanied him. – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey
  2. Keep that chop stick out of my hair! – The Reign of Greed Complete English Version of 'El Filibusterismo' by Jose Rizal
  3. If he don'tgib you lick in de chop p'rhaps he tell you. – Jack Tier or The Florida Reef by James Fenimore Cooper