Synonyms for Axe:


ax/axe (noun)
axe (noun)
tool (noun)
hoe, emery wheel, plane, chain saw, snips, crosscut saw, crowbar, machete, grindstone, jointer, scythe, wedge, hedge trimmer, radial arm saw, trowel, pick, saw, bench drill, gouge, Drill press, level, planer, tin snips, mallet, claw hammer, tool, sledgehammer, posthole auger, cold chisel, ball-peen hammer, tire iron, hacksaw, knife, table saw, ripsaw, square, lathe, shears, jackknife, jigsaw, hatchet, circular saw, scissors, buzz saw, spanner, back saw, edger, Bow-saw, shovel, monkey wrench, awl, hammer, handsaw, miter box, keyhole saw, vise, welder, spoke shave, pliers, pickax, arc welder, punch, lug wrench, coping saw, sickle, drill, screwdriver, spade, pipe wrench, calipers, stapler, grapnel, wrench, band saw, wrecking bar, scroll saw, auger, file, chisel.
weapon (noun)
knife, machete, ax, scythe.


ax/axe (verb)
cut, remove.
chop (verb)
divide, fragment, cleave, sever.
destroy (verb)
dismantle, level.
halve (verb)
fissure, branch, bifurcate, tear, slit, rupture, fork.
separate (verb)
disjoin, disarticulate, pare, alienate, split, insulate, part, disunite, fragment, excise, unhinge, cleave, disconnect, dismantle, incise, dissect, detach, separate, estrange, sever, dissociate, remove, rend, scissor, rip, disintegrate, divide, disassemble, amputate, halve, divorce, bisect, disaffiliate, disassociate, cut, Unglue, slice, Unfix, disengage, segregate, uncouple, break, sunder.

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Usage examples for axe

  1. And they took their father's axe and went into the deep forest and hid it under a bush. – Old Peter's Russian Tales by Arthur Ransome
  2. True, that the battle- axe Was out of place; it should have been the bow. – Queen Mary and Harold by Alfred Lord Tennyson
  3. " Good morning, Mistress Axe he said. – The Magic Soap Bubble by David Cory