Synonyms for Deny:


shirk, wash your hands of, not be someone's keeper, neglect. come off, blank, Disacknowledge, chop down, bobble, dive, call, come-on. contradict (noun)
assert the negative of, disagree with, not buy, spurn, impugn, call one a liar, controvert, give the lie to, take exception to, disbelieve, declare not to be true, gainsay, withhold, doubt, discredit, rebuff, refuse to acknowledge, not admit.
deny (noun)
traverse, refuse.


annul (verb)
veto, revoke, annul, repudiate, negate, extinguish, nullify, invalidate, Disaffirm, destroy, dissolve, obliterate, refute, eradicate, withdraw, undo, cancel, delete, divorce, efface, neutralize, dismiss, abolish.
confute (verb)
disprove, repeal, rebut, dispute, contradict, rejoin, abrogate, challenge, confute, conflict.
deny (verb)
disagree, renounce, decline (verb)
discard, forbid, oppose, gainsay, contradict, revoke, exclude, abnegate, veto, keep back, curb, reject, withhold, Disacknowledge, restrain, nullify, negate, disavow, negative, discredit, ban, disprove, disclaim, rebuff, controvert, refuse, contravene, disallow, not buy, refute, spurn, take exception to, disbelieve, repudiate, doubt, rebut.
disprove (verb)
parry, subvert, belie, contravene, oppose, overturn.
exclude (verb)
extradite, forbid, disbar, amputate, ban, remove, banish, ignore, proscribe, expatriate, disqualify, boycott, prohibit, expel, ostracize, excommunicate, relegate, exile, oust, deport, evict.
negate (verb)
invert, Counterwork, reverse, counterbalance.
possession (verb)
prohibit (verb)
constrain, outlaw, curb, oppress, inhibit, prevent, preclude, control, restrict, suppress, refuse, restrain, block.
question (verb)
refuse (verb)
disdain, disagree, decline, repulse, disincline.
reject (verb)
exclude, shed, jettison, blacklist, exude, excise, lop, scrap, excrete, vomit, spew, erupt, junk, disclaim, jilt, seep, eject, reject, deep-six, curtail, evacuate, discharge, shear, clip, eliminate, crop, drain, chop, cull, vent, trash, disgorge, discard, blackball, snip, emit, check, exhaust, secrete, abandon, cut, disapprove, disallow, belch, bar, oppugn.
renounce (verb)
defect, retract, disavow, desert, cross, renounce, abdicate, abnegate, betray, backslide.

Other synonyms:

negative. come off. dive, come-on. blank. call. disprove
hold back
disavow, jettison, not buy.

Usage examples for deny

  1. Now, don't deny it." – Skinner's Dress Suit by Henry Irving Dodge
  2. And did she deny the same? – The Project Gutenberg Plays of John Galsworthy, Complete by John Galsworthy
  3. He could never forget, dared not remember what he could not believe yet dared not deny – The Bronze Bell by Louis Joseph Vance