Synonyms for Swing:


capitulate, revise, convert, see reason/sense, move on, move with the times, backpedal, change your mind, renounce, adapt. revolution, rotation, wriggle, about-face. turnabout, volte-face, a change of heart, shift, leap, conversion, on second thought, reappraisal, turnaround. articulation, baton, atmospherics, blast away, back, blast, arrange, beat out, bang out, accompany. backup, acid house, bebop, bhangra, bluegrass, background music, backing, acid jazz, blues, ambient. wobble, bounce. lash out, target, aim, swipe, lunge, hit out, strike at, strike out. turn, circle. chaise longue, chaise, parasol, lounger, chaise lounge, brolly, beach chair. crossing, expedition, cruise, day trip, drive, flight, commute, exploration, excursion, circuit. ignite, spice up, liven up, bring something to life, perk up, wake up, enliven, vary, sparkle, embroider. chair (noun)
pew, lounge chair, lawn chair, campstool, deck chair, sedan chair, seat, throne, bucket seat, ottoman, furniture, hassock, stool, bench, recliner, chair, sofa, straight chair, saddle, dining chair, bar stool, armchair, swivel chair, rocker, rumble seat.
dance (noun)
expedition (noun)
golf (noun)
bogie, bogey, caddy, bunker, backswing, birdie, ace.
motion (noun)
moving back and forth (noun)
oscillation, sway, vibration, motion, fluctuation, beat, undulation, lilt, rhythm.
sway (noun)
oscillation, motion, undulation, rhythm, vibration, fluctuation, beat.
swing (noun)
jive, golf stroke, sweep, swing over, lilt, baseball swing, swing out, golf shot, vacillation, dangle, sway, drop, cut, get around, swinging, swing music.


hang (verb)
loll, bob, droop, nod, drape, sway, trail, dangle, Draggle, sag, hang.
move back and forth; be suspended (verb)
turn, volte-face, dangle, vary, wobble, hang.

Other synonyms:

wobble, rhythm. bounce, wriggle, aim, swipe, lash out, hit out, strike at, lunge. revolution, circle. target, beat. shift. turn. Other relevant words:
motion, beat, lilt, rhythm, jive, sweep, turn, cut, wobble, shift, lunge.

Usage examples for swing

  1. They've got the swing – Round the Red Lamp Being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life by Arthur Conan Doyle
  2. " Head her into the wind so I can take the air right away quick," he ordered Cliff, and helped swing the Thunder Bird round. – The Thunder Bird by B. M. Bower
  3. He had barely time to swing Marna behind the sarcophagus and out of immediate danger. – Day of the Druid by Knut Enferd