Synonyms for Scrap:


fact, news, data, datum, word, information, report, A to Z, findings, detail. kill off, squabble, brawl, cut into, stamp out, shut off, squeeze out, interfere with, suppress, hold back. argument, a war of words, Ort, minim, fragment, confrontation, scruple, disagreement, controversy, dram, misunderstanding, big, dot, trifle, ounce. butt, remove, stub, shard, leftover, replace, eradicate, do away with. brat, kid, kiddie, monkey, fidget, kiddy, crybaby, brood. duke, tangle with, face off, wrestle, square off, tussle, scuffle, grapple. disable, disengage, cannibalize, immobilize, flash, flick, deactivate, flip off, break. landfill, debris, garbage, e-waste, litter, remains, ruin. a bit (noun)
fragment, portion.
argument, fight (noun)
brawl, squabble, quarrel, disagreement, dispute, scuffle.
disagreement (noun)
end (noun)
particle (noun)
granule, whit, iota, speck, crumb, dash, dab, Flyspeck, grain, smithereen, trace, drop, bit, mite, modicum, particle, morsel, smidgen, atom, pittance, touch, shred.
scrap (noun)
end, waste, junked, fleck, quarrel, dispute, altercate, remainder, argufy, chip, flake, oddment, useless, cast off, discarded, junk, remnant, bit, trash.
tiny bit of something (noun)
grain, trace, iota, remains, chip, discard, crumb, waste, fragment, smithereen, speck, end, butt, junk, leftover, modicum, mite, portion, atom, morsel, shred, particle.
waste (noun)


abandon; throw away (verb)
chuck, jettison, throw out, shed, drop, reject, do away with, ditch.
reject (verb)
discard, exclude, disallow, bar, check, snip, drain, oppugn, exude, jilt, eject, reject, trash, seep, exhaust, curtail, chop, deny, blacklist, deep-six, excise, spew, eliminate, cull, disgorge, jettison, shed, discharge, secrete, disapprove, vent, blackball, crop, cut, excrete, lop, vomit, emit, belch, erupt, junk, evacuate, shear, abandon, clip, disclaim.

Other synonyms:

shard, Ort, minim. ounce, stub, ditch. dot, dump, scruple, dram, chuck. scuffle. trifle. get rid of
discard, ditch.
throw away
dispose of.

Usage examples for scrap

  1. Time really did not matter to him one scrap yet she dared not hint so. – There was a King in Egypt by Norma Lorimer
  2. I collected, too, quite a large scrap book of it, but unfortunately have lost it." – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
  3. You most always get into a scrap – Boy Scouts in a Submarine by G. Harvey Ralphson