Synonyms for Dishonor:


fail, back out, duck out of, renege, backpedal, cry off, go back on, welsh on. disparage, laugh, dis, scorn, thumb your nose at, disrespect, walk over, disdain, sneer. debase yourself, abase yourself, lose face, fall from grace/favor, come down in someone's estimation/opinion, go down in someone's opinion, demean yourself, lower yourself. attribute (noun)
discredit (noun)
indignity, reproach, insult, affront.
disgrace (noun)
ignominy, infamy, abasement.
dishonor (noun)
outrage, shame, ravish, dishonour, disgrace, attaint, violate.
disrepute (noun)
notoriety, disesteem, disrepute, sordidness, scandalousness, shamefulness.
infamy (noun)
reputation (noun)
shame (noun)
state (noun)
state of shame (noun)
ignominy, insult, discredit, abasement, disgrace, disrepute, infamy, affront, disesteem, outrage, opprobrium, obloquy, reproach, indignity, odium.


abase (verb)
degrade, abase, mock, embarrass, defame, malign, disgrace, shame.
possession (verb)
shame (verb)
expose, debunk, ridicule, ignominy, discomfit, ostracize, humiliate, show up.
shame, degrade (verb)
defame, abase, attaint, sully, libel, slander.
slander (verb)
vilify, besmear, sully, traduce, denounce, stigmatize, detract, discredit, libel, scandalize, pillory, blacken, besmirch, tarnish, slander, badmouth, smear, denigrate, calumniate.

Other synonyms:

renege, backpedal, go back on, ill repute, bad name, bad odor. opprobrium. humiliation. fail. blacken
libel, badmouth.
odium, obloquy.
Other relevant words:
ignominy, disesteem, insult, injury, indignity, obloquy, backpedal, humiliation, opprobrium, odium, infamy, attaint, disrespect, ravish, dis, scorn, bad odor, reproach, laugh, renege, outrage, affront, disparage, fail, abasement, sneer, violate, bad name, disdain, dishonour.

Usage examples for dishonor

  1. I look upon these venerable trees around me and feel that I do not dishonor them. – Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution by L. Carroll Judson
  2. An attempt to move him would show some hideous fracture, some horrible physical dishonor but what Rowland saw on first looking at him was only a strangely serene expression of life. – Roderick Hudson by Henry James
  3. He wished me to tell the absolute truth about him, just as I know it; and I look upon the fulfilment of this wish of his as a sacred trust, and would sooner die any shameful death or brave any other dishonor than fail in fulfilling it to the letter. – The Martian by George Du Maurier