Synonyms for Curve:


out, twirl, rotate, whirl, revolve, snake, swirl, spin, in, drop, swing, screwball, breaker. ball boy, baseball, at-bat, ball girl, balk, baseline, batboy, ballpark, straight, angle, base. coordinate, undulate, cross-section, block graph, axis, diagram, design, bar graph, chart, bell curve. ball, balloon, band, bulge, bowl, cone, bubble. chicane, bike lane, corner, central reservation, bicycle lane, carpool lane, cloverleaf, connection. bosom, bust, cup, falsies, boob, cleavage. arched, rounded line or object (noun)
horseshoe, arch, swerve, circle, parabola, bow, sweep, arc, curvature, circuit, round, bend, crook, meniscus, camber.
curve (noun)
arch, cut, parabola, kink, curve ball, horseshoe, sheer, curved shape, wind, trend, circle, arc, bow, slue, veer, meniscus, crescent, breaking ball, curl, bend, curvature, crook, slew, bender, sinus, spiral, swerve.
curve ball (noun)
breaking ball.
shape (noun)
curved shape.


bend (verb)
deflect, flex, twist, warp, contort, refract.
bending in a shape or course (verb)
bulge, twist, snake, wind, spiral, veer, curl, hook.
curve (verb)
bend, sag, hook, swerve, round, sweep, camber, hang.
motion (verb)
cut, sheer, slew, trend, slue, veer, swerve.
stative (verb)
twist, wind.

Other synonyms:

angle, bar graph, cross-section, bell curve, diagram, block graph, falsies. bosom, cleavage. coordinate, corner, chart, boob. undulate, axis, design. bust. cup. arc

Usage examples for curve

  1. " About half a mile below the upper curve of the Big Bend," Hollister replied. – The Hidden Places by Bertrand W. Sinclair
  2. When two bodies move in virtue of their mutual attraction, both of them will revolve in a curve which admits of being exactly ascertained. – The Story of the Heavens by Robert Stawell Ball