Synonyms for Hash:


angel dust, cocaine, acid, mash, salmagundi, controlled substance, leftovers, cannabis, casserole, Charlie, Gallimaufry, coke, Class A drug, anabolic steroid, stew, meat, ragout, Olio. character, hodgepodge, mixture, hashtag, forward slash, egg timer, emoticon, angle bracket, dot, confusion, carriage return, backslash. disorder (noun)
food (noun)
hash (noun)
mess, mix-up (noun)
jumble, stew, confusion, hodgepodge, clutter, salmagundi, shambles, muddle.
miscellany (noun)
shambles (noun)


derange (verb)
jumble, mislay, roil, mix up, derange, roughen, muss, botch, whip, mess, toss, disturb, scramble, trouble, meddle, blur, whisk, confuse, capsize, scatter, tousle, perturb, confound, rumple, ruffle, tumble, convulse, misplace, dislocate, clutter, displace, discompose, disorder, disorganize, dishevel, rummage, swirl, upset, tamper, ripple, muddle, agitate, disarrange, ferment, churn.

Other synonyms:

hashtag, angle bracket, backslash, carriage return, forward slash, egg timer. snafu, screwup, foul up, shambles. character. stew
Other relevant words:
hashish, croquette, screwup, dish, acid, cutlet, leftovers, ragout, backslash, mash, mixture, Olio, crepe, cocaine, casserole, egg, meat, Charlie, hodgepodge, salmagundi, coke, shambles, dumpling, stew, hashtag, confusion, correct, emoticon, snafu, character, couscous, cannabis, dot, Gallimaufry.

Usage examples for hash

  1. Unless Heaven invents some new animal, lodgers will go on getting beef and mutton, alternated with hash until the end of the world. – The Mystery of a Hansom Cab by Fergus Hume