Synonyms for Shave:


graze, aftershave, electrolysis, pluck, peel, shave off, bikini line, razor, depilatory, skin, safety razor. circumnavigate, range, barber, clear, circumvent, strip, round, detour, avoid, pass by, pass. flick, brush, kiss, touch. increase, shade. act (noun)
shave (noun)
shaving, plane, trim, knock off.


cheapen (verb)
cheapen, mark down, belittle, devalue, devaluate, slash, degrade, debase.
contact (verb)
cut outer covering off (verb)
crop, shear, peel, plane, graze, clip, skin, cut, pare, prune, brush, strip, trim, kiss, barber, touch, slash.
diminish (verb)
concentrate, taper, lessen, prune, condense, diminish, drain, truncate, abridge, clip, compress, abbreviate, deflate, nip, shorten, curtail, shrink, compact, shear, downgrade, lighten, pare, cull, reduce, dwindle, bob, contract, weed, decrement, trim, minimize, erode, crop, decrease, deplete.
subtract (verb)
dock, deduct, depreciate, elide, lower, discount, subtract, cut, delete.

Other synonyms:

depilatory, pass by, safety razor, aftershave, bikini line, circumnavigate, shave off. electrolysis, circumvent, detour. graze, avoid, kiss, pluck. round. range. pass. clear. cut short
knock off.
lower, mark down.
Other relevant words:
aftershave, shaving, plane, razor, peel, pluck, strip, pass, electrolysis, shade, graze, clear, kiss, brush, touch, barber, circumnavigate, flick, skin, safety razor.

Usage examples for shave

  1. And maybe he'll want a pitcher of warm water to wash and shave in." – Green Fancy by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. I mean if he didn't shave 'em off. – Miss Theodosia's Heartstrings by Annie Hamilton Donnell
  3. He determined suddenly to shave that profit to twenty- nine per cent. – Laughing Bill Hyde and Other Stories by Rex Beach