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quarter - 338 results
fractional (adjective)

fragmentary, segmental, fractional, part, semi, third, half, sectional.

quarter (noun)

locale, district, region, area, zone.

quarter (verb)


direction (noun)

bearing, point, direction.

Other synonyms:

clemency, disembowel, keister, crown, fast, b., neck of the woods, get, cantonment, at, hind end, bit, eighth, soak up, drag, pull in, tush, board, lenience, low-down, liberality, bum, nincompoop, roof, string, fifteenth, crush, pull back, bestow, armpit, finely, ahead, BMI, hearthstone, B.C.E., forbearance, puff, guide, buns, common denominator, dime, fundament, suck, lodging, rear end, trace, make, coin, academic year, centigram, overtime, get out, put up, hearth, shite, age group, after part, club, buttocks, dog tag, array, diggings, annual, bunk, seat, leniency, run, base, forward, rear, cubic, detail, pull, dwelling, withdraw, solicitude, delineate, absorb, pad, nabe, bust, can, burbs, first half, suck up, after, restricted, tie, one-fourth, run-in, backside, harbor, near, mercy, quartern, A.D., ass, circle, fourth, garrison, cut out, cast, charity, cabbagetown, room, dope, euro, biannual, tooshie, injury time, derriere, a.m., generosity, fag end, arse, money, block, 00s, one-quarter, about, eleventh, post, two bits, support, fourth part, brownfield, c., twenty-five percent, kindness, domicile, compassion, bushel, clip, draw and quarter, consideration, B.C., tail end, AUD, crowd, fireside, attract, empennage, and, fiftieth, are, draw in, semester, protection, prat, pregame, fifth, billionth, collection, position, describe, the skinny, turd, span, rump, shadow, shadower, accommodate, dinar, generalship, reap, agora, etch, ninny, berth, draw, extra time, butt, fatigues, dollar, altruism, hospitality, residence, cramped, thread, dirt, hack, break, fanny, tail assembly, warmth, constellation, common fraction, ct., acre, barrio, behind, belt, tail, poop, force, bottom, cut up, pull out, crap, draw off, take out, posterior, halftime, lenity, habitation, eviscerate, quarters, fort, depict, half-hour, cut, chop, take up, stern, around, imbibe, line, pass, calendar, carat, busload, indulgence, cu., mercifulness, sop up, abode, hindquarters, take in, cent, shit, close together, nates, assemblage.

Examples of usage:

She says Frank gave her a quarter. - "Chicken Little Jane", Lily Munsell Ritchie.

He lost about a quarter of an hour in this search. - "A Struggle for Rome, Vol. 2 (of 3)", Felix Dahn.

While he's trying to stand you off in the other quarter, I'm in it, don't you see? - "The Sign of the Spider", Bertram Mitford.

Similar words:

three-quarter, string quartet, quaker, smoky quartz, rose quartz, transparent quartz, quantal, quakers, quantum, string quartette.

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