Synonyms for Nest:


back up, browse, access, burn, block, capture, burn-in, author, call up, archive. rookery, perch, roost. disaster area, cattle auction, center of excellence, destination, dodge city, dumping ground, anchorage, dust trap. assortment, bank, bale, agglomeration, arsenal, battery, batch. caw, cheep, alight, chirp, chatter, cry, flap, brood, coo, beat. marshal, prioritize, codify, reorganize, operate, structure, systematize, manage, restructure, coordinate. earth, lodge, habitat, bedding, burrow, rabbit warren, molehill. harbor, hideout, hiding place, cover, haven, refuge, cache, sanctuary. crew (noun)
outfit, colony, clique, crew, clan, league, body, school, army, club, band, fellowship, retinue, cadre, junta, bevy, collection, bunch, coterie, herd, ring, fraternity, fleet, host, cell, caucus, detail, group, drove, union, complement, battalion, troop, faction, team, assemblage, party, platoon, aggregation, assembly, posse, hive, string, circle, society, litter, coalition, gang, crowd, cabal, division, mob, tribe, sect, force, staff, detachment, pack, set, wing, squad, troupe, company, regiment, flock, brigade, phalanx, covey.
den (noun)
haunt, lair, incubator, aerie, cradle, womb, retreat.
home (noun)
haunt, burrow, refuge, lair, aerie, roost.

Other synonyms:

habitat, perch, molehill, aerie, bedding, roost, rookery. rabbit warren. burrow. earth. lodge. abide
Other relevant words:
capture, assortment, beat, marshal, prioritize, rookery, batch, retreat, molehill, refuge, archive, earth, manage, alight, destination, roost, arsenal, burrow, operate, structure, agglomeration, caw, cache, lair, bank, hideout, lodge, coordinate, restructure, cry, codify, perch, browse, brood, haven, chirp, chatter, access, coo, author, cover, womb, cheep, systematize, sanctuary, bedding, block, aerie, flap, bale, battery, harbor, cradle, haunt, anchorage, incubator, habitat, burn, reorganize.

Usage examples for nest

  1. The Bird's Nest and other Sermons for Children of all Ages. – Our Journey to the Hebrides by Joseph Pennell and Elizabeth Robins Pennell
  2. He met her and loved her dearly and told her he wanted her to come and live with him, and they built their home nest and were very happy together, because they decided they would always love each other more than any one else in the world. – The Mother and Her Child by William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler
  3. The bird had thrill'd my heart, and cheer'd my glance, For he had found to- day his nest romance, And lov'd a mate, and crown'd her with his praise. – Love Letters of a Violinist and Other Poems by Eric Mackay