Synonyms for Restricted:


all (adjective)
conditional (adjective)
finite (adjective)
constrained, limited, finite, restrained, bounded, confined.
limited (adjective)
narrowed, Stayed, inhibited, fastened, bounded, Manacled, suppressed, Deterred, chained, controlled, impeded, surrounded, fettered, modified, foiled, clogged, limited, repressed, Hampered, reduced, stopped, defined, bound, Bridled, obstructed, encircled, shortened, cramped, moderated, tethered, secured, confined, Prevented, reined in, checked, restrained, Hitched, frustrated, closed, governed, decreased, prescribed, blocked, tempered, held back, barred, deprived, diminished, curbed.
off-limits (adjective)
off-limits, outlawed.
prohibited (adjective)
forbidden, banned, suppressed, prohibited, Denied, disapproved, restrained, Curtailed, Refused, Disallowed, constrained, outlawed, controlled, Precluded, rejected, blocked, barred.
reduced (adjective)
restrained (adjective)
shackled, constricted, bound, Bridled, Collared, Detained, impeded, confined, controlled, restrained, Hindered, tethered, inhibited, Leashed, constrained.
secret (adjective)
stealthy, confidential, arcane, secret, furtive, covert, clandestine, hush-hush, classified.
silenced (adjective)
held down.
top-secret (adjective)


limiting, restrictive, within limits, exclusive, under control, prohibitive, specific. include, segregated. privileged, show. restricted (noun)
out of bounds, controlled, circumscribed, qualified, modified, limited, classified, off-limits, closed.


hindered (verb)
burdened, Stayed, crippled, cramped, clogged, obstructed, jammed, complicated, Crimped, delayed, congested, encumbered, frustrated, inhibited, constipated, baffled, paralyzed, Dragged, thwarted, Hindered, mired, checked, Entrapped, Hampered, braked, curbed, stopped, bottlenecked, plugged, fouled, Dammed, Caught, barred, Detained, opposed, Deterred, handicapped, fettered, Bunged, countered, entangled, constrained, snarled, interrupted, impeded, impaired, Resisted, Snagged, blocked, Hamstrung, choked, restrained, tangled.
limited (verb)
bound, ended, terminated, bordered, rimmed, edged, limited.
prohibited (verb)
oppressed, Forbade, Prevented, disqualified.
restrained (verb)
constrained, confined, restrained, controlled, inhibited, Leashed, Bridled, bound, tethered, Hindered, Collared, constricted, Detained, impeded, shackled.

Other synonyms:

limiting, restrictive. prohibitive, segregated, specific, privileged. exclusive, reserved. closed.

Usage examples for restricted

  1. As our condition has been precarious, and as important information was surreptitiously carried to the enemy, it was perhaps natural that we should take steps to confine these ladies within their laager, and to place a guard upon it- precautions which were neither valued nor appreciated by them, and from which they suffered no hardships other than those which might be expected to accrue from the enjoyment of the somewhat restricted liberty, with which they, together with the entire garrison, must perforce rest content. – The Siege of Mafeking (1900) by J. Angus Hamilton
  2. I do not mean that education that is restricted to institutions of learning. – A Fleece of Gold Five Lessons from the Fable of Jason and the Golden Fleece by Charles Stewart Given