Synonyms for Neighborhood:


environmental (adjective)
environmental, precinct, surrounding, ambient.
near (adjective)
close, hairbreadth, proximate, nearby, near, adjacent, local, by, immediate.


overlap, convergence, equilibrium, common denominator, parallelism, parallel, affinity, coincidence. brownfield, belt, cantonment, barrio, cabbagetown, burbs, agora, armpit. neighbor, next door, neighbour, locale. area (noun)
stretch, quarter.
community, surroundings (noun)
section, precinct, block, vicinity, parish, quarter, closeness, zone, region, territory, vicinage, proximity, area, tract, adjacency, locality, purlieus, ward, suburb, environs, locale, nearness, district.
environment (noun)
environs, surroundings, environment, precinct, ambience.
environs (noun)
ward, section, suburb, parish, purlieus, vicinage, block, community.
extent (noun)
field, dimension, length, range, leeway, plane, span, territory, measure, reach, scope, space, extent, region, acreage, zone, stretch, volume, room, area, plateau, scale.
geographical area (noun)
group (noun)
milieu (noun)
nearness (noun)
closeness, verge, juxtaposition, proximity, vicinity, nearness, adjacency.
neighborhood (noun)
neighbourhood, vicinity, region, locality.
quantity (noun)
region (noun)
colony, circuit, earldom, realm, shire, beat, division, place, province, empire, canton, duchy, town, quarter, locality, state, county, parcel, domain, sector, country, municipality, borough, dukedom, kingdom, riding, nation, tract, plot, commonweal, city, bailiwick, lot, district.

Other synonyms:

suburb. locale, next door, neighbor, block. belt. Other relevant words:
belt, vicinage, parish, block, suburb, ward, convergence, section, purlieus, next door, locale, neighbor, neighbourhood, community.

Usage examples for neighborhood

  1. Absorbed in these thoughts, he reached the neighborhood where the park stopped and where new streets and houses, which had sprung from the ground as if by magic, reminded him how many years he had been away. – The Children of the World by Paul Heyse
  2. The thought came back to him suddenly that the motor- car must be somewhere in the neighborhood if his conclusion were correct. – The Stolen Singer by Martha Idell Fletcher Bellinger