Synonyms for Crest:


comb, tuft, Caving, climbing, climbing wall, canyoneering, ascend, ascent, climber, base camp, climb, feather, plume, abseil. flood tide, high, high water, breaker, billow, low tide, backwash. apogee, payoff, down, fastigium, gizzard, beak, cockscomb, collar. cairn, culminate, excite, escarpment, brink, crag, divide, Brae, the brow. burst, channel, dash, course, break, catch, come in, deepen, cast up. herald, escutcheon, coat of arms, heraldry. artifact (noun)
crest (noun)
badge, coat of arms, summit, crown, insignia, tuft, pinnacle, plume, cockscomb, peak, apex, symbol, comb, emblem, top.
emblem, symbol (noun)
insignia, badge.
ensign (noun)
coat of arms.
highest point (noun)
apex, top, crown, peak, climax, roof, apogee, acme, fastigium, pinnacle, culmination, summit.
indication (noun)
brand, cue, banner, gesture, badge, designation, figuration, symbol, logo, hint, lighthouse, key, beacon, guidepost, marker, signpost, legend, signal, prompt, wave, motion, denotation, gesticulation, icon, alert, indication, wink, flag, label, insignia, emblem, token, pointer, tag, semaphore, notation, logotype, stamp, ticket, sign.
location (noun)
crown, peak, top, tip, summit.
summit (noun)
tip, culmination, zenith, cap, acme, summit, limit, apex, highest point, top, uppermost point, climax, crown, brow, topmost point, peak, extremity, pinnacle, maximum.
title (noun)
colors, shield, honor, reverence, coronet, chevron, title, decoration, position, seniority, rank, grace, role, bestowal, place, highness, garland.
top (noun)
roof, elite.
topknot on head of animal (noun)
cockscomb, comb, tuft, plume, feather.

Other synonyms:

beak, cairn, Brae, backwash, payoff, cast up, crag, fastigium, apogee, channel, breaker, cockscomb, gizzard, escarpment, heraldry, low tide. flood tide, culminate, brink. comb. herald. deepen. dash, collar, burst, divide. come in. course. down. catch. break. ensign
coat of arms.
plume, feather.
Other relevant words:
billow, coat of arms, culminate, fastigium, cockscomb, divide, comb, collar, herald, feather, channel, catch, tuft, plume, heraldry, escutcheon, payoff, course, deepen, ascend, down, apogee, Brae, burst, brink, crag, gizzard, escarpment, dash, backwash.

Usage examples for crest

  1. The snow continues to fall outside; if I have been lucky enough to find a shelter facing the right way, the snowdrifts will close in over me and form a crest like a roof above my retreat. – Look Back on Happiness by Knut Hamsun
  2. Humble and crest fallen, how different to the Mary of two days ago, who had such lofty ambitions! – A Pair of Clogs by Amy Walton