Synonyms for Score:


fact, average, data, datum, word, stock, information, A to Z, news, findings. much, addition, aggregate, a load of/loads of something, whole, quantity, a lot/lots, abundance, quite a few, all manner of something, number, amount, pile, a good/great deal of something, summation. blowhole, channel, aperture, cranny, abyss, crater, transcript, cavity. comprehend, accept, bring, come by, know, get together, derive, be aware, find, understand. back, articulation, accompany, atmospherics, beat out, marks, bang out, blast away, slash, blast, baton. flourish, be a roaring success, mass, multitude, cloud, prosper, host, get ahead, crowd, army, legion, throng, thrive, big, drove, swarm, succeed, ruck, flock, horde, mob, be/get there, win out, achieve. content, act, action, aside, backstory, ad lib, contrivance, the credits, denouement, comic relief. bar, adagio, allegro, andante, con brio, clef, bar line, con amore, bass clef, ARR. attack, concede, assist, cushion, all, deadlock, chalk something up, bury. make love, bed, consummate, jump into bed with someone, be intimate with someone, lie with, sleep with, spend the night with someone, sleep together. call, linesman, caller, commentary box, officiate, card. duo, foursome, couple, pair, brace, pairing, quintet, four. chop, cut-up, cut out, finely, clip. deal, jack up, come down, lace, abuse, mainline, o.d., drop. account (noun)
amount (noun)
quantity, whole.
blemish (noun)
defacement, drawback, stigma, fault, eyesore, wart, scab, distortion, discoloration, weal, abrasion, impurity, imperfection, spoilage, blotch, disfigurement, brand, lesion, rift, sore, deformity.
calculation (noun)
consideration, system, calculation, mathematics, supposition, approximation, triangulation, thought, algebra, appraisal, algorithm, estimation, enumeration, computation, multiplication, valuation, method, deduction, statistics, inference, presumption, division, judgement, arithmetic, calculus, conclusion, determination, measurement, evaluation, reckoning, assessment, quantification.
composition (noun)
concerto, symphony, music, song.
dent (noun)
five or more (noun)
hexad, Duodecimo, octave, octet, dozen, septuple, million, hundred, fourscore, decade, octagon, thousand, teens, decennium, grand, sixfold, sextuple, sevenfold, gross, hundredfold, octavo, Jillion, trillion, billion.
list (noun)
novel, store, itemization, ledger, blank-book, recording, collection, table, menu, diary, docket, inventory, tablet, treasury, history, census, statement, scrapbook, scroll, record, logbook, repertory, detail, notebook, book, waybill, digest, list, recount, catalog, invoice, thesaurus, lexicon, index, manifest, dictionary, registry, album, roll, yearbook, documentation, roster, tabulate, chronicle, bill, Storybook, workbook, Bank book, daybook, annual, annals, summary, journal, pad, calendar, register, file, budget, cash book, log.
music (noun)
concerto, harmony, sonata, song, chorus, ditty, concert, arrangement, blues, hymn, air, ballet, symphony, syncopation, melody, aria, composition, serenade, instrumental, psalm, music, carol, lullaby, quartet, jazz, ballad, vocalization, bebop, lyric, tune.
musical arrangement (noun)
composition, transcript, music, musical score.
notch (noun)
cut, cleft, chink, crevice, indent, jog, gap, split, serration, indentation, incision.
obligation; account payable (noun)
bill, invoice, grievance, total, statement, grudge.
score (noun)
make, sexual conquest, grade, rack up, HIT, account, scotch, tally, grievance, seduce, nock, grudge, musical score, mark.
total, points (noun)
summation, rate, sum, mark, account, addition, summary, average, reckoning, grade, number, amount, tally, stock, record, count, aggregate.
victory (noun)


achieve, succeed (verb)
notch, amass, flourish, thrive, secure, get, procure, win, prosper.
acquire (verb)
corner, secure, buy, net, retrieve, annex, win, take, accumulate, amass, acquire, heap, harvest, catch, pocket, wrangle, palm, fetch, receive, land, procure, get, lure, assume, capture, claim, garner, obtain, incur, reap, bag, purchase.
blemish (verb)
dot, defect, disfigure, fracture, slit, flaw, fleck, deface, hack, blot, chip, mar, tarnish, scar, gash, stain, mark, scratch, speck, freckle, scuff, spoil, discolor, splotch, notch, pockmark, blemish, abrade, spot, check, scrape, taint, blister, distort, kink, damage, nick, deform, hurt.
calculate (verb)
evaluate, count, divide, measure, systematize, program, study, estimate, triangulate, think, presume, account, add, guess, infer, approximate, quantize, weigh, gauge, judge, multiply, figure, rationalize, suppose, plot, compute, determine, schedule, assess, conclude, quantify, rate, sum, tally, total, reckon, scheme, surmise, consider, value, enumerate, calculate, plan, rank, deduce, appraise.
communication (verb)
cut, nick (verb)
indent, cleave, deface, slash, serrate, gash, scrape, slit, scratch.
engrave (verb)
etch, engrave, lithograph.
keep count (verb)
add, rack up, calculate, register, reckon, enumerate.
list (verb)
document, itemize, note, summarize, collect, audit, Journalize.
measure (verb)
benchmark, survey, test, scale, calibrate.
notch (verb)
incise, cleave, serrate.
write a musical arrangement (verb)
arrange, set, compose, orchestrate.

Other synonyms:

achieve, foursome, data, resit, succeed, flunk. army, prosper, four, dip out, ruck, pairing. horde, drove, duo, thrive, slash, flourish, legion, throng, quintet. flock, pair, mob, multitude. get through, couple, qualify. host, cloud, retake. crowd, bomb, mass. brace. arrive
bang out, clef.
do well
Other relevant words:
amount, transcript, slash, aggregate, cranny, number, HIT, nock, musical score, chink, call, summation.

Usage examples for score

  1. " The score was three to two," reminded Lefty. – Lefty Locke Pitcher-Manager by Burt L. Standish
  2. I can quiet her mind on that score – Esther by Henry Adams