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bomb - 146 results
weapon (noun)

hydrogen bomb or H-bomb, jet-propulsion, letter, cluster bomb unit or CBU, mine, depth charge, napalm bomb, nuclear warhead, pipe, hand grenade blockbuster, delayed-action, multiple warhead, neutron bomb, magnesium, high explosive, grenade, torpedo, smoke, salvo of bombs, potato masher, smart, Molotov cocktail, chain detonation, parachute, stink bomb, pineapple, six-ton, nuclear bomb, explosive, rack of bombs, demolition, cherry bomb, glider, cyanide, bombshell, ash can, cobalt bomb or C-bomb, charge, plastic, time, missile.

Other synonyms:

thrive, catastrophe, failure, break, give out, frost, speed, dip out, clunker, cannonball, mint, pelt, bomb calorimeter, fail, booby trap, fireball, A-bomb, shipwreck, atom bomb, detonate, surge, bust, dart, fungicide, run out, DDT, miss, cluster bomb, dip, disaster, conk out, citronella, flypaper, outpace, backfire, bummer, king's ransom, attack, collapse, bombard, flush it, packet, qualify, be quick on your feet, lemon, die, germicide, go bad, flyswatter, carve up, crash, bomb out, race, go, bundle, carpet-bomb, the bomb, misfire, washout, first strike, founder, ballistic missile, pass, give way, fallout shelter, fungicidal, car bomb, wad, counterattack, turkey, bayonet, atomic bomb, fizzle, get through, languish, neglect, flunk, camphor, betray, fiasco, gallop, big bucks, flop, miscarry, loser, debacle, fallout, clinker, fly, resit, retake, cruise missile, dud, joker, go wrong, barrage, megabucks, pile, early warning, score, blitz, break down, boodle, hasten, earth.

Examples of usage:

Instead of one bomb there might be a need for fifty. - "Operation Terror", William Fitzgerald Jenkins.

It was a bomb, as perhaps you have learned. - "The Red Symbol", John Ironside.

If we find the sap, with any Germans in it, we are to bomb them out of it, and break up the sap as far as possible. - "The First Hundred Thousand", Ian Hay.

Similar words:

smoke bomb, robot bomb, thermonuclear bomb, time bomb, stink bomb, stench bomb, plutonium bomb, petrol bomb, depth bomb.

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