Synonyms for Failure:


combine, prodigal, cash crop, scapegrace, arable, beachcomber, bankrupt, veteran, cultivate, cultivated, bum, crop, defaulter, derelict, corn, crop rotation, crop circle, star, no-account, incompetent. delay, evasion, thrive, suspended animation, inertia, Unsuccess, stagnation, sidestep, standstill, avoidance, unsuccessfulness, inaction. trough, lull, wilderness, eclipse, slump, the slow lane, off-day, bad hair day, fallow. outage. nonfeasance, DO, delinquency, default. money. defeat (noun)
beating, defeat, overthrow, collapse, downfall.
dereliction (noun)
infraction, nonobservance, violation, dereliction, nonperformance, neglect.
disappointment (noun)
faux pas, frustration, fizzle.
failure (noun)
thrashing, fiasco, unsuccessful person, bust, nonstarter, loser, crash, miscarriage, waterloo, Noncompletion, trouncing.
inferior (noun)
lemon, dud, reject, second, inferior, subordinate, second fiddle, underling, has-been, underdog, underachiever, turkey, born loser, subaltern, nonstarter, second banana, loser, also-ran, flop.
inutility (noun)
unsuitability, impracticality, uselessness, fruitlessness, ineffectiveness, good-for-nothingness, inadequacy, Detrimentalness, futility.
lack of success (noun)
decline, flash in the pan, bust, deterioration, faux pas, overthrow, checkmate, miscarriage, nonperformance, loser, stoppage, misstep, rupture, fiasco, downfall, wreck, botch, lemon, flop, frustration, bomb, breakdown, mess, washout, inadequacy, defeat, abortion, collapse, rout, turkey, bungle, stalemate.
misconduct (noun)
person who does not succeed (noun)
has-been, bum, prodigal, also-ran, dud, defaulter, bankrupt, derelict, underachiever, born loser, incompetent.
ruin (noun)
apocalypse, shipwreck, break up, ruin, breakdown, debacle, wreck, landslide, wreckage, collision.

Other synonyms:

quitter, avoidance, off-day, evasion, nonfeasance, flash in the pan, inaction, standstill, error, Unsuccess, second best, dead duck, unsuccessfulness. insolvency, delay, stagnation, bomb, inertia, delinquency, declination, fallow, suspended animation, the slow lane, outage. abortion, eclipse, wilderness, deterioration, lull. trough. slump. break down
lame duck.
misstep, lapse.

Usage examples for failure

  1. This body and this alone can cause failure – Seed Thoughts for Singers by Frank Herbert Tubbs
  2. There's a lot to win, and no fear of failure – The Bittermeads Mystery by E. R. Punshon
  3. " I never knew a failure yet but what the fault was fate's," Mayenne returned. – Helmet of Navarre by Bertha Runkle