Synonyms for Runner:


express, drug lord, messenger, con woman, athlete, courier, fence, contestant, racer, CONMAN, abductor, sprinter, con artist, entrant, post, child molester, drug baron, arsonist, accessory. bud, bulb, anther, boll, aerial root, tendril, vine, blade, beanstalk, bract, bur. dash, come, transporter, false start, over, bearer, the blocks, carrier, conveyer, baton, ahead, drop back, dead heat, come in, envoy, clock. move, bush-league, ball game, catcher, the Golden Glove Awards, the American League, the Cy Young Award, bootlegger, batter, designated hitter, All-Star game. luge, sprout, aspen, kin, chairlift, downhill, bine, heliskiing, mogul, cross-country skiing, sprig, shoot, binding, inner-tubing. hearthrug, carpeting, carpet, flooring, bath mat, doormat, mat, linoleum, area rug, matting. pound, bound, running, jog, run. head, castor, leaf, top, caster, leg, drawer, shelf, foot. mail carrier, emissary, gofer, go-between, milkman, sender, mailer, iceman. carpet (noun)
messenger (noun)
one who runs (noun)
messenger, contestant, courier, carrier, racer, sprinter, entrant.
racer (noun)
runner (noun)
mooncurser, base runner, Caranx Crysos, blue runner, smuggler, stolon, offset, contrabandist.
smuggler (noun)
vine (noun)

Other synonyms:

Caranx crysos
Caranx Crysos.
drawer, caster, racer, transporter, bine, sprinter, castor, tendril, conveyer. sprout, sprig, envoy, bootlegger, jog, shelf. carrier, bearer, running. leaf. leg. foot. top. head. run. bearer
Other relevant words:
gofer, bine, carpet, top, express, running, conveyer, messenger, carrier, bootlegger, leg, leaf, emissary, envoy, run, bearer, sprig, racer, transporter, shoot, contestant, blade, tendril, castor, post, sprinter, go-between, athlete, sprout, courier, jog, entrant.

Usage examples for runner

  1. He was a whisky- runner – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  2. Yet Lawrence, rushing down upon them, was too quick, too clever; Dennison's attempt to block him off was only a glancing one that staggered him for the fraction of an instant; and the ball had no sooner struck in Collingwood's arms than Lawrence launched himself and hurled the runner backwards. – The Jester of St. Timothy's by Arthur Stanwood Pier