Synonyms for Cooler:


blower, agitator, calculator, house of correction, can, carriage, big house, free, converter, pokey, clink, slammer, stir, hoosegow, convertor, Calaboose, balance, compressor, boiler, charger. fridge, refrigeration, cold storage, refrigerator-freezer, fridge-freezer. artifact (noun)
tank, ice chest.
cocktail (noun)
daiquiri, Rob Roy, cobbler, mint julep, grasshopper, gin fizz, hot toddy, planter's punch, collins, Moscow mule, martini, Bloody Mary, Tom Collins, Irish Coffee, brandy alexander, julep, rusty nail, stinger, mixed drink, eggnog, lime rickey, buttered rum, sling, toddy, Cuba Libre, pink lady, highball, manhattan.
cooler (noun)
tank, ice chest.
fridge (noun)
penal institution (noun)
big house.
pokey (noun)
prison (noun)
cell, lockup, confine, gaol, reform school, reformatory, manacle, oubliette, jug, keep, handcuff, bastille, pinion, shackle, brig, jailhouse, cage, irons, coop, harness, penal colony, San Quentin, pillory, pound, Alcatraz, dungeon, prison, fence, tether, pen, straight jacket, stronghold, collar, bridle, stockade, jail, vise, penitentiary.
refrigerator (noun)
icebox, air conditioner, freezer, Frigidaire, deep-freeze, refrigerator.

Other synonyms:

fridge, big house, fridge-freezer, cold storage, Calaboose, slammer, refrigerator-freezer, hoosegow, pokey, house of correction. clink. can. Other relevant words:
Calaboose, blower, carriage, free, clink, fridge-freezer, ice chest, convertor, cold storage, converter, slammer, refrigeration, stir, compressor, big house, tank, agitator, can, charger, balance, calculator, pokey, boiler, fridge, house of correction, refrigerator-freezer, hoosegow.

Usage examples for cooler

  1. " You are quite right," said Peter, " but it is so hot to- day, and I thought it would be cooler here." – The Marvellous History of the Shadowless Man and The Cold Heart by Adelbert von Chamisso Wilhelm Hauff
  2. Her father was lost in dreams of making another fortune by a new and original butter- cooler which would put all others out of the market. – Sweethearts at Home by S. R. Crockett