Synonyms for Disintegrate:


deteriorate, splinter. help, fragmentize, continue. disintegrate (noun)
decay, decompose.


destroy (verb)
mow down, desolate, pulverize, decimate, exterminate, destroy, rip to shreds, eradicate, extirpate, smash, level, bulldoze, atomize, abolish, devastate, wreck, demolish, annihilate, dismantle, vaporize, lay waste, tear down, raze, flatten.
disintegrate (verb)
shatter, rot, decompose, turn, dissolve, decay, rupture, crumble, anatomize, fracture, fall apart, degenerate, spoil, mortify, putrefy.
fall apart; reduce to pieces (verb)
shatter, turn, disorganize, rot, pulverize, dismantle, decompose, putrefy, degenerate, disconnect, divide, disperse, atomize, disunite, separate, decay, detach, splinter, taint, spoil, sever, crumble, disband.
scatter (verb)
scatter, diffuse, diffract, dislocate, disorder, evanesce, disburse, disperse, distribute, diverge, dole, radiate, refract.
separate (verb)
slice, cleave, disjoin, divide, separate, disarticulate, bisect, rend, disassociate, sever, part, disengage, disassemble, estrange, split, amputate, unhinge, dissect, alienate, disunite, divorce, scissor, cut, rip, fragment, Unfix, break, halve, incise, dissociate, segregate, detach, remove, Unglue, insulate, disconnect, pare, axe, sunder, disaffiliate, excise, uncouple.
unsubstantiate (verb)
vacate, nullify, disappear, empty.
vaporize (verb)
sublimate, aerate, distill, gasify, ventilate, etherify, evaporate, fumigate.

Other synonyms:

fragmentize. splinter, taint. deteriorate. damage
wear away.
Other relevant words:
splinter, fragmentize, taint, collapse, fail, wear away, crash, languish, disband, founder, deteriorate, erode, fall apart, disorganize.

Usage examples for disintegrate

  1. We all admit now that the Child does not come into the world with a mental tabula rasa of entire forgetfulness but on the contrary as the possessor of vast stores of sub- conscious memory, derived from its ancestral inheritances; we all admit that a certain grace and intuitive insight and even prophetic quality, in the child- nature, are due to the harmonization of these racial inheritances in the infant, even before it is born; and that after birth the impact of the outer world serves rather to break up and disintegrate this harmony than to confirm and strengthen it. – Pagan & Christian Creeds Their Origin and Meaning by Edward Carpenter