Synonyms for Broken:


ceased (adjective)
closed, abandoned, halted, Ceased, ended, Paused, Refrained, quit, stopped, terminated, interrupted, suspended, Culminated, Stayed, discontinued.
craggy (adjective)
destroyed (adjective)
destroyed; made into pieces from a whole (adjective)
cracked, Disintegrated, rent, crumbled, mutilated, defective, crushed, hurt, crippled, fragmented, busted, split, severed, smashed, injured, shattered, fragmentary, fractured, separated, damaged, ruptured, burst.
disabled (adjective)
discontinuous (adjective)
incomplete, irregular, interrupted, intermittent, disconnected, spasmodic.
disintegrated (adjective)
dilapidated, putrefied, Degenerated, decomposed, dissolved, spoiled, crumbled, rotten, dissected, turned, festering, decayed, gangrenous, molten, Anatomized, shattered, Disintegrated, mortified.
disjoint (adjective)
cut, disjoint, Disintegrated, scissored, detached, unfixed, disassembled, Excised, partitioned, segregated, dissociated, disunited, fragmented, uncoupled, unglued, Bisected, separated, disarticulated, Sundered, severed, cleaved, Halved, Disengaged, divorced, dissected, Disassociated, unhinged, rent, split, divided, incised, disconnected, fissured, sliced, parted, dismantled.
done for (adjective)
dysfunctional (adjective)
forgotten, ignored (promise) (adjective)
gaping (adjective)
cracked, slit, notched, gaping, breached, cleaved.
imperfect (adjective)
faulty, defective.
incoherent (adjective)
fuzzy, nonuniform, disconnected, divergent, incoherent, non-cohesive, discontinuous, sporadic, dispersed, noncontiguous, inconsistent, disjointed, lax, loose, detached, unconsolidated, disarticulated, nonadhesive.
incomplete (adjective)
incomplete, fragmentary.
irregular (adjective)
loose (adjective)
unattached, disjointed, unfastened, slack, non-adherent, lax, flaccid, incoherent, disarticulated, loose, non-coherent, limp, detached, disconnected, nonadhesive, inconsistent, non-cohesive, discontinuous.
mentally defeated (adjective)
defeated, subdued, humbled, discouraged, beaten, tamed.
not working (adjective)
kaput, wrecked, shot, weak, faulty, ruined, out of order.
stopped (adjective)
stuttering in speech (adjective)
halting, unintelligible, disjointed, incoherent.


pessimistic, unintelligible, hopeless, fatalistic, negative, dejected, cynical, despairing. homesick, wistful, subdued, unhappy, bleak, sorrowful, melancholy. compound fracture, costal, fused, break, jointed, pelvic, double-jointed, lumbar, arthritic. hollow, on my honor, cross your heart (and hope to die), my word is my bond, empty, as good as your word, solemn. grinding, inaudible, staccato, rhythmic, two-tone. light, lightly, sleeper, dreamless, sleeping beauty, somnambulist, noctambulism, sleepyhead, deep. bankrupt (noun)
ruined, insolvent, indebted.
broken (noun)
tame, crushed, crumbled, incomplete, off-and-on, ground, disorganised, dashed, broken-field, chipped, rugged, disorganized, unsmooth, distributed, smashed, dotted, fragmented, dissolved, interrupted, wiped out, busted, splintered, humble, breached, humiliated, tamed, impoverished, fractured, rough, humbled, fitful, broken in, upset, halting, split, uncomplete, destroyed, confused, unkept, impaired, shattered, disordered, cracked, low.
discontinuous (noun)
spasmodic, irregular, intermittent.
disheartened (noun)
defeated, sad, beaten, discouraged.
infirm (noun)
frail, weak, decrepit, tottering.


ceased (verb)
Remitted, Desisted, broke.
damaged (verb)
disintegrated (verb)
rotted, fractured.
dissociated (verb)
disconnected, Excised, Sundered, separated, split, detached, divided, parted, dissociated, Halved, rent, segregated, dismantled, partitioned, Disassociated, disjoined, Disengaged, alienated, ruptured, disunited, cleft, cleaved, uncoupled, severed, fragmented, divorced, Insulated.
injured (verb)
interrupted (verb)
postponed, Reprieved, relieved, recessed, delayed, Snagged.
loosened (verb)
loosened, unfastened, unbound, released, dispersed, Diverged.
managed animals (verb)
groomed, tamed, Wrangled, housebroken, domesticated, Herded, Bred, housebroke, trained, ranched, Farmed.
separated (verb)
unfixed, Bisected, sliced, Pared, Disintegrated, removed, disassembled, incised, estranged, unglued, axed, disaffiliated, ripped, Amputated, dissected, cut, unhinged.

Other synonyms:

dejected, wrecked, solemn, inaudible, costal, acquainted, clannish, sleeping beauty, fatalistic, pessimistic, cosy, sleepyhead, Trashed, arm's length, lumbar, double-jointed, somnambulist, dreamless, cordless, despairing, noctambulism, chummy, pelvic, built, brittle. irregular, hopeless, auxiliary. clever, automatic. empty, close. lightly. deep, sleeper, apart, hollow. dead. negative. sound. light. break. bankrupt
out of order.
shot, kaput.

Usage examples for broken

  1. For the first time in his life he really knew what it meant to have a home, and now it was to be broken up. – From the Housetops by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. See what comes of your broken promise." – Myths and Legends of the Sioux by Marie L. McLaughlin
  3. And what if your spirit's broken – Witness For The Defence by A.E.W. Mason