Synonyms for Periodical:


recurrent (adjective)
cyclic, recurrent, Isochronal, Isochronous.


brochure, biweekly, back issue, comic book, back copy, back-number, comic, broadsheet, compact. continue, fitful, sporadic. chronicle (noun)
periodic (noun)
orbital, serial, alternate, Recurring, at predetermined times, at fixed intervals, daily, cyclical, on certain occasions, centennial, regular, perennial, rhythmic, weekly, annual, at regular intervals, fluctuating, recurrent, at regular times, yearly, monthly, pendulumlike, hourly, at various times.
periodical (noun)
oscillating, intermittent, periodic, pulsed, cyclic, oscillatory.
publication (noun)
dissemination, notice, gazette, journal, commercial, post, newspaper, propaganda, advertisement, promulgation, promotion, organ, handbill, bulletin, publication, review, circular, newsletter, broadcast, announcement, herald, brief, newsmagazine, report, journalism.
regular publication (noun)
newspaper, monthly, serial, weekly, journal, review.

Other synonyms:

cyclical, Isochronal, Isochronous. sporadic, recurrent. fitful.

Usage examples for periodical

  1. Credit for this description should be given entirely to the above- mentioned periodical – The Two Vanrevels by Booth Tarkington