Synonyms for Some:


certain (adjective)
divers, sundry, various, many, numerous.
few (adjective)
part of.
plural (adjective)
any, plural, several, many, numerous.
some (adjective)
any, part of, remarkable, unusual, approximately, a little, amazing, several, a bit, fascinating.


fairly (adverb)
nearly (adverb)
just about.


moderately (adverb)
a little.
rather (adverb)
a bit.
somewhat (adverb)


conservative, fair, maybe, perhaps, bingo, What, speculative. extensive, enormous, big, considerable, large, great, divers, widely, various, high, substantial, huge, sundry. fairly, a bit, vaguely, quite, mildly, a little, partly, pretty. extraordinary (noun)
amazing, remarkable, fascinating, unusual.
some (noun)
extraordinary, both, unspecified, roughly, more or less, about, much, around, several, approximately, any, whatever, just about, whatsoever, or so, many, close to.


some (pronoun)
more or less.


portion (verb)
part of.

Other synonyms:

divers, fair, maybe, perhaps, bingo, What, speculative. conservative. various. Other relevant words:
amazing, around, fascinating, fairly, divers, a little, bingo, or so, What, much, remarkable, extraordinary, part of, unusual, just about, perhaps, whatsoever, sundry, pretty, roughly, various, close to, a bit, both, partly, approximately, whatever, quite, unspecified, maybe, about.

Usage examples for some

  1. And they want me to do some more on the harbor. – The Harbor by Ernest Poole
  2. You told me once, I remember, that there was some one else. – The Professor's Mystery by Wells Hastings Brian Hooker