Synonyms for Couple:


clip, fix, pin, secure. group, fertile, breeding ground, breeding, fecund, same, courtship, breeder, asexual reproduction, breed, estrus. complement, go with, hang together, match-up, harmonize, combine, blend, piece together. foursome, quintet, quartet, pairing, four, score. minority, hairsbreadth, one or two, scarcity, minimum. a few (noun)
some, several, few.
couple (noun)
brace, mate, distich, duad, dyad, couple up, pair, couplet, doubleton, partner off, twain, twin, yoke, couple on, duo, pair off, duet, twosome, mates, match, span.
duality (noun)
couplet, doublet, dyad, pair, twosome, two, team, match, duo, brace, yoke, span, duet.
group (noun)
twosome, duo, duet.
pair of things (noun)
duo, dyad, yoke, team, brace, doublet, couplet, twosome, twain, span.


attach (verb)
affix, stick, relate, splice, adhere, join, cling, marry, attach, annex, merge, juxtapose, wed, abut, bind, hitch, bond, fasten, connect.
contact (verb)
match, mate, pair, twin.
copulate (verb)
mate, mount, sleep with, have sex with.
fasten (verb)
clinch, braid, tack, zip, cement, sew, buckle, stay, tie, chain, bracket, lash, lace, link, suture, weld, string, fuse, tether, baste, hinge, stitch, plait, paste, weave, knit, glue, knot, strap.
join (verb)
affiliate, ally, amalgamate, consolidate.
join two things (verb)
unite, pair, hitch, connect, match, wed, link, conjugate, bracket, buckle, marry.
marry (verb)
betroth, conjugate, elope, unite.
relate (verb)
pertain, correlate, associate.

Other synonyms:

bachelor, breeding, fecund, combine, family man, damsel, foursome, asexual reproduction, divorcee, domestic partner, Bridget Jones, breeder, estrus, bachelorette. breeding ground, fertile, four, pairing. quintet, quartet, courtship. fix. breed. score. attach
sleep with.

Usage examples for couple

  1. I am going away next week to the mountains for a couple of months. – Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley by Belle K. Maniates
  2. That was really a serious disappointment to the young couple for during the month money had been going out and none coming in. – A Singer from the Sea by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  3. In a couple of days came another letter. – The Expressman and the Detective by Allan Pinkerton