Synonyms for Moisture:


river, trickle, drop, spatter, jet, sip, splash, leak. dampness; liquid (noun)
fog, wet, water, rain, damp, wateriness, mist, dew, wetness, dankness, drizzle, humidity.
moisture (noun)
humidity, wateriness, mugginess, wet, dampness, dankness, Dewiness.
precipitation (noun)
fog, mist, drizzle, damp, condensation.
state (noun)
water (noun)
immersion, ocean, rain, aqua, irrigation, dilution, dew, sea, water, wetness, deluge, lake, sprinkle, bath.

Other synonyms:

river, condensation, trickle. jet. splash. drop. Other relevant words:
drizzle, mist, fog, river, condensation, damp, wet.

Usage examples for moisture

  1. One is moisture and the other is heat. – The Wonder Island Boys: Exploring the Island by Roger Thompson Finlay
  2. Moisture sprang to her eyes on the moment. – Master Tales of Mystery, Volume 3 by Collected and Arranged by Francis J. Reynolds
  3. You have seen the inside of windows in cold weather covered with moisture – Home Geography For Primary Grades by C. C. Long