Synonyms for Much:


important (adjective)
plenty (adjective)
abundant, adequate, ample, complete, considerable, copious, countless, endless, enough, everywhere, extravagant, full, generous, immeasurable, lavish, many, plentiful, profuse, satisfying, substantial, sufficient, voluminous.


awfully (adverb)


awfully (adverb)
extremely (adverb)
greatly, a lot (adverb)
extremely, indeed, very.


considerable, critical, eventful, first-rate, important, inconsiderable, leading, little, memorable, momentous, notable, paramount, pressing, principal, prominent, quantity, salient, serious, signal, significant, stirring, telling, trenchant, urgent, weighty, quite a few, a good/great deal of something, a load of/loads of something, a lot/lots, all manner of something. abundant, adequate, ample, basis, complete, copious, countless, endless, enough, everywhere, extravagant, fabulous, frequency, full, generous, immeasurable, inadequate, insufficient, irregular, irregularity, lavish, length, long, many, overwrought, plentiful, preposterous, profuse, rate, satisfying, substantial, sufficient, time, voluminous, for the first/last etc. time. deeply, extremely, greatly, immensely, indeed, particularly, really, thoroughly, very, well. a great deal (noun)
abundance, barrel, big, heap, lot, mass, mountain, pack, peck, pile, plenty, power, profusion, sight, wealth, world.

Other synonyms:

extremely, many. frequency, irregularity. basis, length, rate. irregular. time. long. a great deal
abundance, barrel, heap, lot, mass, mountain, pack, pile, plenty, power, profusion, sight, wealth, world.
Other relevant words:
abundance, abundant, adequate, ample, barrel, basis, big, complete, considerable, copious, countless, critical, deeply, endless, enough, eventful, everywhere, extravagant, extremely, fabulous, first-rate, frequency, full, generous, greatly, heap, immeasurable, immensely, important, inadequate, inconsiderable, indeed, insufficient, irregular, irregularity, lavish, leading, length, long, lot, many, mass, memorable, momentous, mountain, notable, overwrought, pack, paramount, particularly, peck, pile, plentiful, plenty, power, preposterous, pressing, principal, profuse, profusion, prominent, quantity, rate, really, salient, satisfying, serious, sight, signal, significant, stirring, substantial, sufficient, telling, thoroughly, time, trenchant, urgent, very, voluminous, wealth, weighty, well, world.

Usage examples for much

  1. " We didn't see very much of it. – The Go Ahead Boys on Smugglers' Island by Ross Kay
  2. I love him very much but I know it is not in that way. – A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia by Amanda Minnie Douglas
  3. I didn't think much about it. – The Diamond Pin by Carolyn Wells