Synonyms for Little:


all (adjective)
few (adjective)
minimum, scarce, negligible, scanty, spotty, miserly, sparse, niggardly, minimal, insufficient, few.
inconsiderable (adjective)
limited (adjective)
little (adjective)
brief, short, diminutive, puny, low, succinct, scanty, minute, narrow, meager, few, compact, small, concise, delicate, paltry.
narrow-minded (adjective)
mean, base, wicked, narrow.
not important (adjective)
small, trivial, insignificant, minor, petty, trifling, unimportant, negligible, paltry.
short (adjective)
low, compact, picayune, small, abridged, runty, concise, puny, clipped, petite, stumpy, short, condensed, brief, curt, squat, succinct.
small (adjective)
tiny, weeny, stingy, delicate, itty-bitty, negligible, wee, teeny-weeny, petite, smallish, microscopic, spare, toy, bantam, beggarly, dwarfish, minor, niggardly, sparing, slim, teeny, nugatory, scant, scanty, baby, puny, meager, miniature, pocket, deficient, ungenerous, minimal, minute, small, trifling, short, infinitesimal, modest, miserly, slight, teensy, compact, mere, picayune, paltry, piddling, diminutive, scrawny.
small in size, amount (adjective)
meager, diminutive, stubby, cramped, shrimpy, wizened, immature, imperceptible, petite, dinky, insufficient, inappreciable, short, short-lived, bantam, fleeting, limited, microscopic, infinitesimal, brief, sparse, tiny, toy, scant, slight, miniature, young, teeny, elfin, lilliputian, embryonic, inconsiderable, wee, minute, snub, undersized.
stunted (adjective)
unimportant (adjective)
meaningless, irrelevant, of no consequence/of little consequence, unconsidered.
weak (adjective)


hardly (adverb)
infrequently, not much (adverb)
rarely, seldom, barely.


hardly (adverb)
once in a blue moon.
infrequently (adverb)
sporadically, seldom.


inconsiderable, barely, only, mere. base, birdie, cross, wicked, bow-wow, cold, boo-boo, mean, choo-choo, bang, bunny. discreet, abuse, ridicule, mock. restrictive, under control, exclusive, finite, restricted, specific, within limits, limiting, prohibitive. Confucius says/Confucius he say, were you born/raised in a barn?, count on, inconsequent, just what I (have always) wanted, whose side are you on?, inconsequential, surprise, surprise, serial, flattery will get you anywhere. rarity, wide, rare, few and far between, once or twice, narrow-minded. youth. seldom, occasionally, sporadically, usual, rarely, infrequently, once in a blue moon. brief (noun)
little (noun)
itsy-bitsy, emotional, infinitesimal, trivial, micro, weeny, lowercase, fiddling, runty, lesser, small-scale, minuscule, minute, littler, pocket-size, dinky, smaller, piddling, slender, itty-bitty, dwarfish, littlest, smallish, midget, niggling, petty, unimportant, immature, bantam, teeny, pocket-sized, lilliputian, teentsy, short, teeny-weeny, dwarf, younger, brief, tiny, weensy, bitty, wee, undersized, gnomish, half-size, miniscule, piffling, smallest, slight, teensy-weensy, least, mickey mouse, small, miniature, elfin, diminutive, puny, slim, undersize, bittie, footling, shrimpy, soft, petite, young, elflike, picayune, teensy, microscopic.

Other synonyms:

Mickey Mouse
mickey mouse.
infrequently, insignificant, discreet, seldom, sporadically, rarely, rarity, inconsequential. rare, barely, count on, narrow-minded, occasionally. passing, only. serial, limited. away, From, apart. further. out. dwarf

Usage examples for little

  1. That little tinty boy! – Dotty Dimple At Home by Sophie May
  2. You have but to think a little – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. " I want to have a little talk with you," he said. – The Twelfth Hour by Ada Leverson