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unimportant (adjective)

meaningless, irrelevant, unconsidered, of no consequence/of little consequence.

weak (adjective)


Other synonyms:

itsy-bitsy, inconsequential, diminished, mean, humble, secondary, floating, midget, light, detailed, fine, trivial, half-pint, lilliputian, inconstant, inadequate, slender, forgetful, atomic, dwarf, teeny-weeny, subaltern, lowercase, small-fry, insular, superficial, minuscule, seldom, brusque, particular, cramped, runty, pocket-size, teentsy, fast, picayune, wicked, belittled, unimportant, piddling, junior-grade, lower-ranking, long-distance, insignificant, few and far between, bantam, further, ridicule, subnormal, tiny, bittie, serial, within limits, fiddling, half-size, petty, surprise, surprise, sporadically, smaller, incidental, minuscular, infrequently, small-scale, gnomish, dwarfish, whose side are you on?, scrubby, sectarian, fleeting, variable, slim, micro, imperceptible, snub, abrupt, piffling, wide, footling, infinitesimal, flattery will get you anywhere, bang, niggling, short-term, mock, small, inconsiderable, itty-bitty, littlest, under control, from, unretentive, out, undersized, barely, once in a blue moon, exact, elfin, smallest, boo-boo, embryonic, abuse, illiberal, Mickey Mouse, pocket-sized, young, passing, pint-size, slight, invisible, circumstantial, Confucius says/Confucius he say, low-slung, birdie, lesser, emotional, small-minded, were you born/raised in a barn?, critical, low-lying, toylike, poor, long, finite, apart, parochial, littler, limiting, stubby, smallish, inconsequent, base, count on, restricted, bunny, diminutive, miniscule, choo-choo, teeny, transient, weeny, prohibitive, microscopic, brusk, foolish, molecular, least, brief, elflike, inappreciable, small, rarity, discreet, weensy, restrictive, lowly, pygmy, provincial, bow-wow, youth, shrimpy, myopic, miniature, shortsighted, away, once or twice, comminuted, usual, precise, petite, cold, just what I (have always) wanted, specific, flyspeck, rarely, unforesightful, puny, cross, occasionally, wizened, only, frivolous, immature, exclusive, minute, far, sawed-off, big, short, rare, undersize, limited, large, teensy, short-lived, temporary, bitty, younger, dinky, teensy-weensy, all the way, narrow-minded, soft, wee, mere.

Examples of usage:

That little tinty boy! - "Dotty Dimple At Home", Sophie May.

You have but to think a little. - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith", George Meredith.

" I want to have a little talk with you," he said. - "The Twelfth Hour", Ada Leverson.

Similar words:

too little, little theatre, the little giant, the little corporal, quite a little, even a little, little-head snakeweed, little-leaf fig, Maximilien Paul Emile littre, litre.

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