Synonyms for Very:


identical (adjective)
real, exact (adjective)
mere, precise, same, right, selfsame, identical.


deeply (adverb)
extremely (adverb)
conspicuously, awfully, decidedly, Almightily, excessively, to a fault, good and, right, positively, by far, imperatively, largely, highly, certainly, pressingly, powerfully, exceptionally, sizably, prodigiously, markedly, powerful, in a great measure, intensely, no end, emphatically, Indispensably, so, considerably, without restraint, just so, extraordinarily, to a great extent, notably, beyond measure, substantially, enormously, pretty, vastly, on a large scale, in the extreme, hell of a, dearly, almighty, surprisingly, amply, in part, immensely, urgently, somewhat, particularly, precious, seriously, in a marked degree, quite, infinitely, ever so, materially, very much, remarkably, more or less, a bit of, rather, severely, indeed, much, astonishingly, right smart, immoderately, simply, exceedingly, extensively, helluva, wonderfully, incredibly, uncommonly, superlatively, exaggeratedly, beyond compare, acutely, noticeably, to a great degree, unusually, to no small extent, hugely, greatly, tremendously.
infrequently (adverb)


deeply (adverb)
exceptionally (adverb)
extremely (adverb)
infinitely, highly.
infinitely (adverb)
much, really; to a high degree (adverb)
certainly, largely, prodigiously, extraordinarily, astonishingly, notably, amply, extremely, unusually, uncommonly, deeply, Indispensably, positively, excessively, exaggeratedly, superlatively, dearly, highly, substantially, exceedingly, surprisingly, noticeably, greatly, remarkably, powerfully, vastly, pressingly, eminently, awfully, emphatically, acutely, particularly, incredibly, considerably, wonderfully, pretty, decidedly, extensively.
rather (adverb)


deeply, well, a lot, thoroughly. same, Identic, identical, selfsame. precise, exact. specific, mere, include. big, highly, most, awfully, awful, extra, notably, dreadfully, mighty, eminently, greatly, extremely, exceedingly, exceptionally.

Other synonyms:

considerably, so, uncommonly, exceedingly, acutely, immensely, eminently, Identic, notably, hell of a, dreadfully, hugely, extremely. quite, pretty, unusually, mere, materially, particularly, awfully. mighty, thoroughly, exceptionally, much. seriously, extra, exact. indeed. well. exceedingly
greatly, almighty.
to a great extent
Other relevant words:
considerably, eminently, highly, seriously, largely, ever so, thoroughly, precise, noticeably, Indispensably, hugely, simply, surprisingly, in the extreme, unusually, immensely, so, conspicuously, immoderately, markedly, prodigiously, imperatively, substantially, severely, extra, vastly, materially, indeed, powerfully, right, infinitely, extensively, decidedly, exact, pressingly, emphatically, enormously, precious, much, wonderfully, notably, somewhat, pretty, remarkably, dearly, powerful, identical, specific, urgently, amply, big, helluva, extraordinarily, greatly, same, Almightily, beyond measure, exceedingly, right smart, awfully, most, excessively, selfsame, incredibly, include, deeply, mighty, dreadfully, intensely, certainly, well, tremendously, superlatively, almighty, exaggeratedly, acutely, rather, sizably, mere, exceptionally, awful, Identic, astonishingly, extremely, uncommonly, particularly, beyond compare, very much, positively, quite.

Usage examples for very

  1. This savin' an' savin' is all very well, of course, when you have to. – Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor Hodgman Porter
  2. " Very well, to- morrow," he said. – Witness For The Defence by A.E.W. Mason