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extremely (adverb)

indeed, decidedly, exaggeratedly, acutely, simply, pressingly, conspicuously, immoderately, by far, quite, precious, ever so, incredibly, almightily, indispensably, in part, amply, exceptionally, wonderfully, right smart, hell of a, urgently, dearly, positively, exceedingly, substantially, infinitely, in a marked degree, almighty, pretty, somewhat, imperatively, emphatically, more or less, awfully, seriously, tremendously, beyond measure, beyond compare, considerably, powerful, to no small extent, in the extreme, uncommonly, certainly, intensely, sizably, very much, particularly, superlatively, to a great extent, materially, highly, prodigiously, to a fault, notably, hugely, noticeably, astonishingly, a bit of, extraordinarily, to a great degree, good and, without restraint, extensively, unusually, excessively, markedly, just so, surprisingly, on a large scale, no end, immensely, vastly, severely, helluva, rather, remarkably, enormously, powerfully, much, right, greatly, so, in a great measure, largely.

Examples of usage:

He will be here very soon." - "The Case of Richard Meynell", Mrs. Humphrey Ward.

This savin' an' savin' is all very well, of course, when you have to. - "Oh, Money! Money!", Eleanor Hodgman Porter.

" Very well, to- morrow," he said. - "Witness For The Defence", A.E.W. Mason.

Similar words:

not very likely, Haricot Vert, Pistacia Vera, Glottis Vera, transitive verb, linking verb, transitive verb form, doubly transitive verb, object of the verb, doubly transitive verb form.

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