Synonyms for Fabled:


all (adjective)
legendary (adjective)
fanciful, famous, mythical, Famed, unreal, mythological.
make-believe (adjective)
reputable (adjective)
illustrious, exalted, reputed, esteemed, well-known, renowned, distinguished, noteworthy, preeminent, popular, prominent, celebrated, pronounced, Famed, notable, acclaimed, elevated, legendary, notorious, memorable, mythical, remarkable, famous.


hypothetical, false, imaginary, synthetic, fictitious, pretended, mock, fake, simulated, made-up. infamous, the one and only. fabled (noun)
legendary, unreal.
mythical (noun)
fanciful, mythological.

Other synonyms:

infamous. Other relevant words:
fictitious, fanciful, mythological, imaginary, unreal.

Usage examples for fabled

  1. " Oh, I don't mean one of those fabled sheeted creatures that float about at night; I mean a phantom- a real phantom- in the sunlight- standing before my very eyes in broad day! – The Tracer of Lost Persons by Robert W. Chambers
  2. They are curiously oracular, like the whisperings of those fabled Dodonian oaks of his fatherland; they heave with a darkly- virile mysticism. – Old Calabria by Norman Douglas