Synonyms for Almost:


round (adverb)
as good as.


all (adverb)
most, nearly, virtually, nigh, well-nigh, near, about.
comparatively (adverb)
nearly, very nearly (adverb)
practically, essentially, not quite, all but, for all practical purposes, well-nigh, in the vicinity of, for the greatest part, about to, pretty near, as good as, close upon, in effect, near to, virtually, within sight of, bordering on, most, on the brink of, substantially, on the point of, in the neighborhood of, relatively, on the verge of, just about, nigh, about, on the edge of.


hardly, barely, scarcely. on the order of. all but (noun)
for ordinary purposes, on the brink of, as good as, practically, in effect, near to, within sight of, to that effect, bordering on, on the eve of, to all intents, for all practical purposes, within a hair of, close upon, within an ace of, tantamount to, pretty near, on the verge of, in the vicinity of, on the point of, about to, near upon, relatively, with some exceptions, on the edge of, nigh unto, with little tolerance, in a general way, with small probability of error, for all intents and purposes, substantially, not quite, very nearly, for the greatest part, in the neighborhood of, essentially.
almost (noun)
most, just about, virtually, nearly, well-nigh, about, all but, near, nigh.

Other synonyms:

about to. barely, scarcely. hardly. virtually
practically, virtually.
Other relevant words:
on the edge of, relatively, barely, for the greatest part, near to, about to, in the neighborhood of, essentially, hardly, in effect, substantially, practically, within sight of, as good as, most, close upon, scarcely, on the brink of, near upon, not quite, on the verge of, pretty near, in the vicinity of, bordering on, nigh unto, on the point of, for all practical purposes, on the order of, very nearly.

Usage examples for almost

  1. I almost think she made it herself. – Dame Care by Hermann Sudermann
  2. " I think we may almost dare to hope," he whispered. – Red Fleece by Will Levington Comfort
  3. We are almost afraid to go on. – The Parent's Assistant by Maria Edgeworth