Synonyms for Heavyweight:


big (adjective)
major league, big league, massive, ponderous, momentous, prominent, influential, consequential, weighty, eminent.
gargantuan (adjective)
heavyweight (adjective)
grave, major, considerable, blue-chip, heavy, crucial, serious, hefty, critical.
important (adjective)
high-powered, earthshaking, world-shaking, crucial, distinguished, prominent, momentous, noteworthy, eminent, notable, major, influential, critical, big-name, important, grave, pivotal, serious, big-wig, considerable, salient, consequential.


weighty, mover and shaker, massive, authority figure, hefty, figure, leading light, mogul, prime mover, a force to be reckoned with, magnate, ponderous. boxing, boxer, cross, major, arm-wrestling, count out, bare-knuckle, corner, box, bout, blue-chip, bantamweight, big league, major league, bigtime. dignitary, vip, muckamuck, lion, leader, big shot, somebody, someone, big-timer, nabob, bigwig, big wheel, personage, notability, character, eminence. big shot (noun)
big wheel, dignitary, nabob, somebody, mogul.
celebrity (noun)
figure, someone, magnate, big shot.
heavyweight (noun)
character, vip, eminence, notable, colossus, leader, hulk, titan, nabob, personage, notability, heavy, bigwig, behemoth, lion, giant, whale.
mover and shaker (noun)
mover and shaker.
very important person (noun)
big shot.

Other synonyms:

major league, weighty, bigwig, big-timer, bigtime, big league, nabob, blue-chip, muckamuck, big wheel, dignitary. major, big shot, hefty, somebody, someone, vip, ponderous. notability, massive. lion. personage, eminence. leader. character.

Usage examples for heavyweight

  1. His mighty frame, his hard and supple muscles, his power of vigorous and rapid movement, his keen eye and his quick wit- these qualities, in the opinion of those best qualified to judge, would have made this stupendous Briton one of the greatest heavyweight prize- fighters in the annals of pugilism. – The Victory At Sea by William Sowden Sims Burton J. Hendrick