Synonyms for Expectant:


anticipating (adjective)
hopeful, prepared, ready, apprehensive, raring, Hoping, watchful, Expecting, waiting, vigilant, eager, anticipative.
desirous (adjective)
yearning, grasping, longing, hungry, ardent, Lusting, passionate, hankering, acquisitive, greedy, urgent, needful, desirous, itching, amorous, eager, hopeful, Thirsting, covetous, fond.
expecting (adjective)
with child.
hopeful (adjective)
optimistic, hopeful, sure, aspiring, eager, yearning, desirous, faithful.
pregnant (adjective)
parturient, gestating, pregnant, breeding, Expecting, gravid, with child, fertilized.
prepared (adjective)
preparing to give birth (adjective)
gravid, with child, pregnant, enceinte, parturient.


carry, heavy with child, be expecting (a baby), have a bun in the oven, be with child, heavily pregnant, blooming, in the family way, surprise, anticipatory. gone, reproduction. expectant (noun)
big, great, large, enceinte, anticipative, hopeful, with child, anticipant, pregnant, heavy, gravid.

Other synonyms:

anticipatory, blooming. gone. carry.

Usage examples for expectant

  1. On the evening of the second day Thorndyke came home in obviously good spirits, and his first proceedings aroused my expectant curiosity. – The Mystery of 31 New Inn by R. Austin Freeman
  2. Her heart beat fast as she looked into the expectant faces before her. – A Daughter of the Union by Lucy Foster Madison
  3. The two men looked at each other and they were plainly excited, and in an intensely expectant voice Mr. Winslow asked: " Did he ever speak of his family?" – Bobby of the Labrador by Dillon Wallace