Synonyms for Awkward:


clumsy, inelegant (adjective)
green, unrefined, bulky, gawky, bumbling, incompetent, unpolished, coarse, inept, unskilled, amateurish, stiff, rude, ungraceful, unskillful, ungainly, inexpert, klutzy, graceless.
difficult to handle (adjective)
incommodious, unwieldy, unmanageable, uncomfortable, cramped, cumbersome, disagreeable, troublesome, inconvenient.
embarrassing (adjective)
embarrassed, difficult, sticky, untimely, ill at ease, delicate, painful, inopportune.
heavy (adjective)
inappropriate (adjective)
inelegant (adjective)
coarse, raw, gawky, rude, uncivil, earthy, crude, inelegant, graceless, tawdry, brutish, unpolished, undignified, tactless, vulgar, clumsy, barbarous, gross, boorish, unrefined, tasteless.
inopportune (adjective)
inauspicious, belated, untimely, inopportune, inconvenient, unpunctual, inexpedient, inappropriate, infelicitous, delinquent.
self-conscious (adjective)
unskillful (adjective)
unskillful, left-handed, crude, unpolished, incompetent, Skill-less, inexpert, inept, bumbling, rusty, amateurish, graceful, gauche, inexperienced, stiff, green, dexterous, unskilled, unpracticed.
untrained (adjective)


be all fingers and thumbs, convulsive, robotic, jerky. contentious, disruptive, ability, lumpish, bad, fraught, troublesome, adverse, problematic, klutzy, invidious. complicated, demanding, arduous, punishing, challenging, gauche, tough, bumbling, taxing, be an effort, heavy-handed. humiliating, guilty, unfortunate, unhappy, ignominious, good, shameful, painful. insecure, lost, bulky, tentative, inhibited, retiring, uncertain, easy, timid, unsure of yourself, shy. constrained, feelings. awkward (noun)
sticky, clumsy, inept, hard, strained, ungraceful, laboured, ill-chosen, gawky, inconvenient, embarrassing, uneasy, labored, bunglesome, difficult, cumbersome, inapt, ungainly, infelicitous, unenviable, graceless, unwieldy, wooden, uncomfortable, ill at ease, clunky, unmanageable.
embarrassing (noun)
delicate, touchy.
inconvenient (noun)
disagreeable, incommodious, heavy, cramped, ponderous.
uncomfortable (noun)
embarrassed, ashamed, self-conscious.

Other synonyms:

humiliating, klutzy, robotic, shameful, bumbling, constrained, convulsive, jerky, ignominious. embarrassed. heavy, painful. guilty, bulky, unhappy. unfortunate. delicate. awkward
incommodious, uncomfortable.
Other relevant words:
feelings, shy, bulky, touchy, complicated, embarrassed, embarrassing, left-handed, lost, ignominious, bunglesome, strained, sticky, inexperienced, disagreeable, unwieldy, inhibited, delicate, constrained, unfortunate, convulsive, bumbling, incommodious, invidious, uneasy, gauche, humiliating, ability, ungraceful, lumpish, heavy, ungainly, shameful, arduous, fraught, cumbersome, punishing, ill-chosen, ponderous, painful, contentious, challenging, unskilled, tough, retiring, jerky, stiff, insecure, uncomfortable, cramped, disruptive, klutzy, inexpert, demanding, unhappy, hard, troublesome, self-conscious, easy, laboured, guilty, good, unenviable, timid, bad, robotic, ill at ease, labored, green, ashamed, taxing, graceful, wooden, adverse, uncertain, rusty, unmanageable, heavy-handed, inapt, tentative, problematic, difficult, clunky.

Usage examples for awkward

  1. She never had a husband, you see, and that makes it so awkward – Kildares of Storm by Eleanor Mercein Kelly
  2. The subject would naturally be an awkward one for her to discuss. – The Simpkins Plot by George A. Birmingham
  3. I can understand that the question is awkward – By Wit of Woman by Arthur W. Marchmont