Synonyms for Hearty:


able-bodied (adjective)
staunch, powerful.
energetic, enthusiastic (adjective)
cheery, gushing, passionate, intense, cheerful, deep, devout, neighborly, unfeigned, ardent, wholehearted, impassioned, affable, frank, warmhearted, unrestrained, jovial, glad, sincere, cordial, true, effusive, exuberant, responsive, eager, animated, genial, earnest, genuine, jolly, warm, heartfelt, profuse, honest, zealous, vivacious, avid, friendly.
enthusiastic (adjective)
hooked, born-again, fervent, motivated, mad about something, keen.
healthy (adjective)
full, healthful, good, well, healthy.
healthy, full (adjective)
energetic, vigorous, glowing, good, strong, sound, substantial, solid, well, active, hale.
resolute (adjective)
persistent, fearless, indefatigable, plucky, dedicated, willing, relentless, reliable, strong-minded, headstrong, resolved, bold, dauntless, inexorable, implacable, steely, steadfast, resolute, tough, indomitable, bullheaded, serious, decisive, unshakeable, unchangeable, unyielding, set, deliberate, stubborn, staunch, diligent, iron-willed, stern, decided, constant, thorough, spunky, devoted, committed, determined, courageous, firm, strong-willed, faithful, insistent, persevering, intent, dogged, uncompromising, zealous, unwavering, steady, valiant, earnest, true, tireless, unbending, ruthless, tenacious, unflinching, loyal.
sociable (adjective)
chatty, vivacious, gracious, convivial, affable, cordial, neighborly, congenial, gabby, genial, talkative, easygoing, gregarious, garrulous, hospitable, amiable, companionable, amicable, friendly, sociable, folksy, courteous.
tenacious (adjective)
stiff, flintlike, undaunted, bulldogged, indomitable, fervent, persistent, stubborn, courageous, unflagging, strong, obdurate, insistent, dauntless, staunch, dogged, devoted, faithful, determined, true, plucky, diligent, decisive, strong-willed, tough, bold, tenacious, enduring, steadfast, headstrong, indefatigable, persevering, obstinate, bullheaded, tireless, resolute, hard, stony, brave, spunky.
vigorous (adjective)
ardent, impassioned, powerful, mettlesome, animated, eager, earnest, potent, strenuous, afire, zestful, lusty, ablaze, exuberant, zealous, strong, peppy, full-blooded, spirited, burning, sprightly, enthusiastic, excited, puissant, emphatic, active, fiery, energetic, frisky, passionate, virile, industrious, prolific, lively, zippy, vigorous, agitated, fervent.


blind, basic, deep-seated, acutely, bitter, affective, depth, casual. frugal, genuine, heartfelt, natural, sit down, celebratory, unfeigned, alfresco, sincere, slap-up, light, unaffected, unmannered, honest, heavy. hale, right, sound, well, health, fit, healthful. hearty (noun)
cordial, warm, full-blooded, healthy, solid, satisfying, substantial, red-blooded, wholesome, complete, lusty.

Other synonyms:

happy, celebratory, frugal, unmannered, sit down, slap-up. alfresco, sincere, heartfelt, unfeigned. genuine. honest. unaffected. light, heavy. natural. right. sincere

Usage examples for hearty

  1. Her motto seemed to be, " Eat hearty and give the house a good name." – Torchy and Vee by Sewell Ford
  2. The women did love each other with a hearty true love, and each longed that they might be left together. – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope
  3. " Not at all," was the hearty response. – The Eye of Osiris by R. Austin Freeman