Synonyms for Premier:


all (adjective)
leading; original (adjective)
main, principal, chief, primary, champion, prime, foremost, first.


alderman, paramount, capital, agent, leading, top, key, chief minister, primary, foremost, principal, assemblywoman, chancellor of the exchequer, important, major, main, number one, cardinal, cabinet minister, assemblyman, alderwoman, chief executive. elementary, basic. the Taoiseach, Chequers, the Lodge, Number 10, premiership, downing street, No. 10. person (noun)
prime minister.
premier (noun)
premiere, chancellor, first, p.m., prime, prime minister.
prime minister (noun)
chief minister, chief executive.
superior (noun)
sovereign, champion, prodigy, aristocracy, victor, exceller, prize winner, prima donna, president, chief, boss, star, winner, nobility, superman, champ, wonderwoman, virtuoso, superwoman, leader, commander, elite, paragon, master, superior.


creation (verb)

Other synonyms:

Chequers, premiership, principal, the Taoiseach, downing street, cardinal, the Lodge. leading, foremost, key, primary, main, paramount. major.

Usage examples for premier

  1. As grandfather- my father, the premier said; a man action cannot stop to explain everything he does. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer
  2. But the premier exhibit of the parade was admitted by all to be the Kennedy float, conceived and executed by the Honorable Dink Stover. – The Varmint by Owen Johnson F. R. Gruger