Synonyms for Advanced:


ahead in position, time, manner (adjective)
radical, progressive, forward, exceptional, unconventional, excellent, first, precocious, liberal.
improved (adjective)
Progressed, garnished, improved, better, upgraded, embellished, corrected, elaborated, Enriched, enhanced, refined, Furthered, renovated.
lent (adjective)
progressive (adjective)
unconventional, liberal, progressive, Furthered, enterprising, incremental, gradual, radical.


exploratory, forward, exercise, education, precede, flashcard, hothouse, discovery, assimilation, insight, acquisition. up-to-the-minute, hip, contemporary, futuristic, space age, ahead of your/its etc. time. civil society, cross-cultural, civilize, the community, civilisation, civilization, civilise, cultural. advanced (noun)
progressive, precocious, ahead, forward.
in front (noun)
study at, forward, ahead, first.


approached (verb)
Approached, Neared, Came, Converged, Impended, closed, come, accessed, Loomed, Gained.
benefited (verb)
did good, Contributed, Bettered, favored, done good, assisted, Availed, Served, Helped.
expedited (verb)
quickened, Furthered, hurried, Promoted, accelerated, facilitated, expedited, Hastened.
facilitated (verb)
simplified, eased, aided.
improved (verb)
Furthered, improved, refined, corrected, upgraded, enhanced, elaborated, embellished, Enriched, garnished, renovated, Progressed, Bettered.
increased (verb)
Widened, Amplified, elevated, augmented, maximized, burgeoned, upgraded, increased, multiplied, lengthened, Grew, incremented, reinforced, grown, raised, added, inflated, accrued, Boosted, extended, fattened, expanded, Heightened, enlarged, magnified, Broadened.
lent (verb)
Loaned, lent, Pawned, sublet, leased, let, mortgaged.
offered (verb)
Quoted, attempted, Submitted, bid, Tendered, Issued, bestowed, given, Dealt, Gave, granted, Imparted, invited, presented, Bidden, endowed, Cited, Rendered, Offered.
progressed (verb)

Other synonyms:

formal, senior. forward, acute, acquisition. above.

Usage examples for advanced

  1. He had advanced to our table. – Fore! by Charles Emmett Van Loan
  2. Bragg's line advanced again. – From Fort Henry to Corinth by Manning Ferguson Force
  3. But I can say with Alamanni, that I was then a young man, and that I am now advanced in years. – Leigh Hunt's Relations with Byron, Shelley and Keats by Barnette Miller