Synonyms for Superman:


queen, exponent, artist, best, past master, old hand, maestro. superior (noun)
star, paragon, prize winner, nobility, master, superior, exceller, leader, boss, champion, wonderwoman, prodigy, prima donna, elite, aristocracy, superwoman, winner, commander, chief, president, sovereign, virtuoso, victor, champ, premier.
superman (noun)
demigod, ubermensch.

Other synonyms:

old hand, past master, artist. best, queen. exponent. Other relevant words:
ubermensch, demigod, artist, best, queen, maestro, exponent.

Usage examples for superman

  1. The Superman appears but faintly, the doctrine of Eternal Recurrence not at all. – Human, All-Too-Human, Part II by Friedrich Nietzsche
  2. Being a lone superman in a world of ordinary people mightn't be so pleasant. – Anything You Can Do ... by Gordon Randall Garrett
  3. He, the chief of staff; he, Hedworth Westerling, the superman must be a rock in the flood of alarm. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer