Synonyms for Administrator:


businessman, businesswoman, agent, account executive, capitalist, businessperson. official, over, EXEC, Administrant. administrator (noun)
executive, decision maker.
authority (noun)
director (noun)
general, baron, officer, boss, overlord, ringmaster, king, ruler, dean, governor, commandant, captain, superintendent, executive, mayor, queen, commander, master, ringleader, band master, chief, director, manager, supervisor, warden, lord, foreman, taskmaster, conductor, overseer, leader.
executive (noun)
guardian, executive secretary, head of the department, district manager, chief controller, president, secretary, inspector, person in charge, over, front office, ambassador, person in authority, consul, divisional supervisor, the brains, official, head, registrar, chief executive, minister, commissar, ceo, supervising director, custodian, producer, pencil pusher, organizer, key person, provost, chairman, controller, trustee, chair, bursar, comptroller, vice-president in charge, premier, vice president, chairman of the board of directors, department head, big shot, director general, impresario, bureaucrat, principal, chief executive officer, treasurer.
judge (noun)
expert, lord chancellor, referee, his honor, arbitrator, moderator, negotiator, his lordship, magistrate, mediator, judiciary, adjudicator, authority, censor, umpire, reconciler, judge, justice.
person (noun)
executive, decision maker.
person who manages organization (noun)
director, authority, consul, captain, governor, official, organizer, mayor, inspector, chief, commander, leader, manager, EXEC, premier, bureaucrat, dean, controller, judge, president, ceo, overseer, executive, head, producer, superintendent, minister, front office, officer, custodian, supervisor, ambassador, boss, chair.

Other synonyms:

businessperson, chairman, vice president, EXEC, ambassador, executive secretary, president, director general, chief executive, controller, capitalist, account executive, bureaucrat, businessman, Administrant, treasurer, businesswoman, ceo. head, agent. official, chair. controller
big shot.
Other relevant words:
head, decision maker, chairman, inspector, chair, agent, principal, provost, chief executive officer, businesswoman, custodian, impresario, EXEC, ambassador, vice president, organizer, president, official, chief executive, bureaucrat, consul, comptroller, minister, producer, premier, controller, Administrant, ceo, businessman.

Usage examples for administrator

  1. " Goschen," said a famous First Sea Lord, " was the cleverest man we ever had at the Admiralty, and the worst administrator – Pebbles on the Shore by Alpha of the Plough (Alfred George Gardiner)
  2. The project of the admirable administrator has been to illustrate the whole pageant of French arms; but the Man of Destiny quickly becomes all- powerful, and one finds oneself looking only for signs and tokens of his personality. – A Wanderer in Paris by E. V. Lucas