Synonyms for Executive:


administrative (adjective)
managerial, governing.
causative (adjective)
germinal, formative, pivotal, influential, responsible, effective, generative, causal, causative, motivational.
commanding (adjective)
expensive (adjective)
productive (adjective)
creative, teeming, pregnant, bountiful, constructive, prolific, fertile, lush, profitable, fruitful, productive, parturient, fecund.


businessperson, account executive, governing, capitalist, supervisory, agent, businesswoman, businessman, managerial, ambassador, administrative. brother, COSATU, Administrant, EXEC, the CBI, labor, equity, ACTU, over, the AFL-CIO, chapel, closed shop. chairmanship, CSR, administer, critical-path method, adventurism, ADMIN, crisis management. council, corp, administration (of an estate), customs, the civil service, bureau, corporation, agency, branch, directorate. exclusive, high-class, luxurious, select, sumptuous, extravagant, pricey, costly, expensive. at the helm, in charge (of), on top, what someone says goes, in control. authority (noun)
director (noun)
supervisor, overlord, queen, overseer, ringmaster, king, mayor, boss, baron, band master, ringleader, administrator, warden, superintendent, taskmaster, conductor, magistrate, foreman, general.
executive (noun)
executive director, administrator.
master (noun)
dean, commander, head, commandant, proprietress, director, authority, captain, mother, guru, ruler, governor, lord, proprietor, principal, leader, president, headmaster, landlady, chief, kingpin, titleholder, abbot, mahatma, headmistress, master, quartermaster, squire, landlord, star, maestro, mandarin, senior, manager, sire, officer.
mogul (noun)
person (noun)
executive director.
person who manages an organization (noun)
businessperson, director, boss, governor, directorate, EXEC, officer, official, supervisor, commander, chief, administrator, leader, head, manager.
treasurer (noun)
cashier, banker, loaner, bursar, controller, bookkeeper, official, moneylender, financier, teller, accountant, trustee, lender, comptroller, auditor, treasurer.


commanding (verb)

Other synonyms:

Administrant, closed shop, COSATU, ACTU, the CBI, labor, EXEC, supervisory, the AFL-CIO, managerial, equity. brother, chapel, administration (of an estate), administrative. businessman
Other relevant words:
chairmanship, high-class, corp, sumptuous, luxurious, governing, exclusive, council, managerial, administrative, extravagant, supervisory, select, expensive, pricey, COSATU, chapel, businessperson, CSR, executive director, customs, corporation, directorate, businesswoman, EXEC, businessman, costly, equity, labor, administer, over.

Usage examples for executive

  1. " Dear sir: You are requested to report at the executive tent at once. – The Girl Aviators and the Phantom Airship by Margaret Burnham
  2. We're going to need them to hold the executive country, up here. – Null-ABC by Henry Beam Piper and John Joseph McGuire