Synonyms for Over:


abandoned (adjective)
accomplished (adjective)
up, completed, at an end, concluded, finished, past, by, done, ended.
afresh (adjective)
once more.
in addition (adjective)
surplus, beyond, remaining, additionally, more, overmuch, overly, over and above, too, extra.


above (adverb)
Up-over, aloft, upstairs, above, covering, overtop, overhead, over and above, higher than, atop.


above (adverb)
Up-over, above, higher than, atop, over and above.
around (adverb)
all over.
high up (adverb)
near (adverb)
to a greater extent (adverb)


after, by, before, along, about, apart. uppermost, high, top, superior, high up, topmost, elevated, higher. more, round, too, around, part, through, overmuch, throughout, exceptional, overly, Hyper-, surplus, excessive. start, clockwise, cross country, counterclockwise, homeward, left, ahead, downwind, eastbound. mission accomplished, at an end, anymore, exhausted. in, in the midst of something, for the duration, within, at, During. cricket, batsman, crease, bat, boundary, bowler, bowl, Gabba, HIT, batting average. vestigial, leftover, surviving, residual, leave over, unclaimed, behind, remaining. strengthen, heal, shake, fight off, recover, revive, respond, pull through, survive, nurse. CB, radio, telegraph, sign off, ship-to-shore, Roger, ham, scramble. again (noun)
repeated, afresh, renewed, ad infinitum, cyclical, recurrent, once more, yet again, repeatedly, again.
beyond (noun)
out of sight, past, beyond.
done (noun)
completed, done, accomplished.
in addition (noun)
besides, extra, additionally.
over (noun)
o'er, all over, ended, concluded, terminated, finished, across, complete.


remaining (verb)

Other synonyms:

leftover, surplus, excessive, residual, ship-to-shore, vestigial, higher, leave over, remaining, unclaimed, uppermost, topmost, elevated, more, overmuch, Roger, aloft. upper, by, high up, exceptional, throughout, too, beyond, high, superior. ham, telegraph. sign off, within, around. radio. behind. at. scramble. top. in. accomplished
cyclical, repeated, renewed, once more, ad infinitum, recurrent.
finished, through.
Other relevant words:
across, again, aloft, too, exceptional, excessive, top, throughout, besides, completed, at, ahead, about, upper, away, left, afresh, more, accomplished, finished, leftover, covering, uppermost, surplus, complete, additionally, at an end, through, extra, o'er, backward, overtop, overhead, revive, recover, overmuch, elevated, outer, unclaimed, all over, roofing, overly, high, exhausted, Against, past, ended, residual, ship-to-shore, remaining, higher, done, by, recurrent, upstairs, after, up, within, once more, around, terminated, high up, above, surviving, outside, Roger, topmost, During, round, concluded, beyond, telegraph, superior, in.

Usage examples for over

  1. " But please come over here," said Mme. – Renée Mauperin by Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt
  2. And it was all over – The Spoilers of the Valley by Robert Watson
  3. It was over over over – Bertha Garlan by Arthur Schnitzler