Synonyms for Bully:


alarm, chill, terrify, startle, shake up, panic, frighten/scare the wits out of someone. over, beast, savage, sadist, psycho, bulldozer, intimidator, browbeater, animal, brave, despot, Genghis Khan. pester, drag into, force, badger. bully (noun)
push around, keen, ruffian, swagger, neat, not bad, strong-arm, rowdy, swell, ballyrag, yobbo, roughneck, bullyrag, yob, groovy, peachy, good, hooligan, yobo, great, boss around, slap-up, corking, tough, hector, browbeat, bang up, smashing, nifty, dandy, cracking.
combatant (noun)
militant, antagonist, contestant, struggler, Jouster, thug, swordsman, rival, adversary, man-at-arms, enemy, opponent, pugilist, warrior, foe, duelist, gladiator, competitor, combatant, bruiser, tough, quarreler, mercenary, assailant, soldier, rioter, fighter, battler, brawler.
domineering person (noun)
bulldozer, rascal, tough, ruffian, intimidator, rowdy, browbeater.
evildoer (noun)
tyrant, vulture, demon, desperado, hoodlum, vampire, criminal, brute, law breaker, cutthroat, scoundrel, snake, crook, ogre, gunman, evildoer, hooligan, vandal, bad guy, ruffian, wrongdoer, terrorist, viper, fiend, thief, monster.
person (noun)
tough, rowdy, hooligan, yobbo, yob, yobo, ruffian, roughneck.
punk (noun)
tormentor (noun)


compel (verb)
cause, goad, coerce, dictate, push, hijack, daunt, stimulate, galvanize, drive, incite, pressure, foment, motivate, mandate, nag, compel, stress, spark, oblige, dragoon, propel, urge, press, impel.
intimidate, push around (verb)
torment, swagger, hector, bulldoze, dragoon, harass, threaten, browbeat, coerce.
threaten (verb)
browbeat, forebode, bulldoze, frighten, scare, hint, harass, admonish, warn, torment, threaten, Forewarn, intimidate.

Other synonyms:

intimidator, rascal, pester, drag into, bulldozer, browbeater. badger. force. bang-up
bang up.
Other relevant words:
pester, ballyrag, panic, bulldozer, roughneck, chill, corking, despot, hector, not bad, swagger, bullyrag, push around, rowdy, swell, animal, force, boss around, great, intimidator, yob, alarm, good, slap-up, psycho, dandy, smashing, cracking, neat, nifty, startle, terrify, savage, badger, browbeater, beast, over, strong-arm, peachy, yobo, sadist, yobbo, keen, rascal, brave, groovy.

Usage examples for bully

  1. It's got a bully sound. – The Son of his Father by Ridgwell Cullum
  2. It was perfectly impossible to explain them, so I said a bully was the worst name I could call him, and that a coward was the meanest thing a man could be. – Unbeaten-Tracks-in-Japan by Bird, Isabella L. (Isabella Lucy)
  3. The bully came out in Sir Robert's voice. – A Butterfly on the Wheel by Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull