Synonyms for Daring:


adventurous (adjective)
forward, foolhardy, reckless, plucky, venturous, bold, rash, audacious, obtrusive, impulsive, adventuresome, venturesome.
all (adjective)
venturesome, audacious, venturous.
brave (adjective)
bold, plucky.
courageous (adjective)
defiant (adjective)
stubborn, resistant, insolent, obstinate, bold, insubordinate, rebellious, audacious, challenging, confrontational, conflicting, dissenting, insurgent, factious, recalcitrant, defiant.
new (adjective)
latest, experimental, innovative, up-to-the-minute, fresh, novel, revolutionary, Pioneering, new.
rash (adjective)
hectic, injudicious, careless, imprudent, hotheaded, brash, foolhardy, irresponsible, incautious, unheedful, impetuous, daredevil, impulsive, audacious, desperado, breakneck, rash, thoughtless, reckless, brazen.
reckless (adjective)
unmindful, irresponsible, imprudent, frantic, heedless, rash, reckless, nonchalant, brash, thoughtless, careless, indifferent, inattentive, hectic, wild, negligent, foolhardy.


plucky. rude, heroics, obtrusive, nobility, forward, bravado, gallantry. enterprising, safety. boldness (noun)
nerve, audacity, pluck.
bravery (noun)
confidence, bravery, audacity, intrepidness, heroism, boldness, mettle, valor, nerve, pluck, courage.
courage (noun)
daring (noun)
audacious, dare, hardihood, adventurous, avant-garde, venturesome, original, boldness, adventuresome, venturous.
gallantry (noun)
strength (noun)


boasting (verb)
confronting (verb)
Encountering, braving, dealing with.
defying (verb)
facing, rebelling, Contravening, confronting, Resisting, Counteracting, dissenting, challenging, countering, Countermanding, Defying, crossing, Affronting.

Other synonyms:

heroics, plucky. enterprising, nobility. Other relevant words:
plucky, original, enterprising, hardihood, adventurous, forward, heroics, adventuresome, venturesome, avant-garde, audacious, venturous, gallantry, dare, obtrusive, bravado.

Usage examples for daring

  1. When you are tempted to repeat a story or say a daring thing you would not say in the presence of the one whose respect you desire- Don't. – The Girl and Her Religion by Margaret Slattery
  2. So strong was this feeling upon me that I stood still, scarce daring to move. – The Coming of the King by James Hocking
  3. She drank, quivering, not daring to refuse. – The Obstacle Race by Ethel M. Dell