Synonyms for Zip:


unimportant (adjective)


author, call up, back up, access, browse, burn, burn-in, capture, block, archive. none, peppiness, not a single, go, animation, sprightliness, not a living soul, no., solitary, action, steam, no one. dash, sparkle, dart, vivaciousness, life, brio, surge, pertness, oomph, outpace, liveliness, fly, gallop, lan, bounce, esprit, charge, be quick on your feet, ginger. braces, eye, drawstring, clasp, cufflink, eyelet, button, cummerbund, belt. box-number, PO Box, RFD, post-office box, postage, registered office, face value, postage stamp, box. inspiration, zest, team spirit, enthusiasm, a new lease on life. energy (noun)
force, energy, fire, puissance, snap, effervescence, spark, power, strength, stamina, vigor, spirit, spunk, verve, drive, pep, potency, activity, vim, vivacity, zeal, zing, might, fervor.
enthusiasm, energy (noun)
vigor, zing, vim, pep, zest, oomph, drive, liveliness, go, spirit, life, brio, verve, sparkle.
oomph (noun)
sibilation (noun)
rhonchus, sibilation.
zip (noun)
hurry, zilch, goose egg, zip-fastener, null, cipher, zip up, zero, speed, travel rapidly, slide fastener, naught, nil, nothing, aught, nada, cypher, zipper, nix.


contact (verb)
zip up, zipper.
fasten (verb)
tack, splice, sew, knot, clinch, string, suture, glue, buckle, lash, stay, hinge, fuse, hitch, braid, plait, tether, knit, lace, fasten, stitch, paste, couple, cement, bind, bracket, tie, weld, strap, weave, link, connect, baste, chain.
move about quickly (verb)
fly, speed, hurry, dash, whiz.
sibilate (verb)
sibilate, hiss, whisper, wheeze, snore, sniffle, whoosh, snuffle, snort, fizzle, whir, buzz, sneeze, whiz, sizzle, whistle, sputter, lisp.

Other synonyms:

brio, unbutton, sprightliness, ginger, oomph, vivaciousness, enthusiasm, peppiness, animation. esprit, sparkle, steam, dart, liveliness, pertness. do up. button, dash, life. fly. belt. hotfoot

Usage examples for zip

  1. And while he was dancing about in pain and muttering a dust- covered oath, the other's staff came swinging through the cloud at one side- zip – Robin Hood by J. Walker McSpadden